The Science Museum

All Aboard Spencer!!

Today my gorgeous, train mad, little boy was beside himself with excitement as we boarded Spencer (South Eastern Train) from Headcorn to Charing Cross. He narrated our entire journey. Commenting on every person he saw, every station and engine we passed. For William the train journey to London was definitely the highlight of his day. He loved it. He just smiled and chatted all the way into London.

In Awe of Engines

He also loved The Science Museum.

Racing from Stephenson’s Rocket to an Emily style engine to a Trevor the Traction Engine and staring in awe at their wheels, their funnels, their buffers and pistons. William was truly in awe of the engines today. He would have stayed in that room all day if we had let him.

Esther and William both loved playing in the pattern room. There were sounds to explore and textures. Lights and sounds. Esther liked making pretty pictures and exploring colour. This was a lovely interactive area for young children where they could play with patterns. One set of patterns was made from animal footprints. William found the animal feet and promptly put them on as he walked around the exhibit. He was much less interested in playing with pretty colours!

We spent most of our time at the museum though in the basement, playing in The Garden. Esther liked it so much that she was very reluctant to leave!

It was very busy in The Garden with school groups. David and I took a child each and kept very close to them. It was interesting to see how each of them wanted to spend their time.

William spent a lot longer playing in the water than Esther. he was there for a long time playing with the boats, changing the course of the water, splashing, playing with taps and generally having a lovely time.

Esther played in the water too but it was something else that really caught her attention this time.

Shaking towers!

Shaking Towers!

In The Garden there were two tables with wooden building blocks on. The tables could be wobbled with vibrations so the idea was to build a tower then try to knock it over with the vibrations. Esther spent ages building and rebuilding intricate towers then getting me to cause the vibrations to try and knock them over. She would often get too impatient though and just knock the towers over herself. She really enjoyed making the structures, one of which looked quite like a palace. It made me think that I should get our wooden blocks out more. I find it really interesting how they play with things differently as they get older. Esther seems to be developing quite an eye for design.

Esther also really enjoyed making music and sounds in The Garden. I was able to spend individual time with Esther and William in this area while Daddy manned the water table and it was really nice to see what they chose to spend time doing.

Esther had a quick go on most things and her favourite things were the wellies on the wall that made a splashing sound and watching glow in the dark ping pong balls dancing in a tube.

William liked listening to me using a voice changer and he loved this series of buttons that played the sounds of different musical instruments. He was really intrigued by that.

Today was a busy day and it was wonderful to see Esther and William engrossed in their play.

The Bubble Show that we wanted to see was not on today. It is only on at weekends and school holidays so we will be going back to The Science Museum very soon and when we do we will be taking with us our buggy and a packed lunch. Two things that would have today greatly improved our day.

After all the fun of the museum Esther, and especially William, were very keen to get back to the station and find Spencer.

And what a wonderful surprise it was to also find Grandad on our train ride home!!

A lovely day out in London.

We will be back to see the bubbles very soon.

9 thoughts on “The Science Museum

  1. What a lovely day out. Ok, I’m going to admit something now. We live in London and we have never taken our kids there. After seeing Esther and William having such fun, I’m going to go next week. If only so I can play with those wellies myself!

    • Take food and drink with you!! And spare shoes and socks for little feet that might get wet from the water x It was great fun. William adored the engines x

  2. We absolutely love the science museum, it’s a fab day out. When you go back for the bubble show (which is fab) you could take a walk into Hyde Park and visit the Princess Diana Memorial Playground which is super too. It’s only ten mins away and has a massive pirate ship amongst other brill things! A sunny day is good as they have water play.xxxx

  3. Wow! We went there on Thursday last week :-) That’s one of our fave places! A change of clothes is a must! And a packed lunch :-)
    Next time, try the 3rd floor as well. Our son loves playing with the “snow machine” up there. Its such a great place to meet other mums with toddlers. We totally love it xxxx

  4. We live in Norfolk and have never made it to the science museum yet! But I will be taking my 6 year old for a day out in London during May so hope to take her then. Looks like E & W had such a lovely day!

  5. I can’t wait to take Curly Girl to the Science Museum this year, I loved the London museums when I was a child and it looks like they’re even better than I remember. What a lovely day you had :-)

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