Easter Craft: Messy Eggs!

Today is Saturday.

I no longer like Saturdays.

They haunt me.

Since Tilda.

We had a lovely busy day the Saturday she died.

Then a quiet peaceful evening.

And then the world as we knew it ended.

Our world shattered.

Our normal fell apart.

Baby Tilda died and nothing was ever, ever going to feel normal ever again.

Now on Saturdays I like to be busy.

I do not like time to think.

Unless I am thinking about her.

My beautiful baby girl.

From the moment she was born she stole my heart.

From the moment she was conceived even and I miss her with all that I am.

Today, through Esther and William, was all about Matilda Mae.

She would have loved Easter.

She would have loved our Easter nests just as she loved her Christmas sensory box.

She would have loved joining in with our messy play and especially the train play.

She would be confidently cruising round the tables now and trying to steal the trains!

The fights! I smile when I picture the fights that there inevitably would have been as Tilda tried to steal the precious engines.

Today we painted with engines and cars.

We used our play table and so as well as perfecting painting skills it was also a full scale toddler workout as they ran round and round the table with their trains.

We created messy eggs by making tracks with cars and trains.

Look what we have done!

Esther and William had a wonderful time chuffing their trains around the table track. They loved that the car tyres made tracks too. This was an art activity but it was also imaginative play. And it was magical to watch Esther and William work together and develop their ideas. Esther was soon using her hands to change the tracks to rivers. Lovely lovely messy fun!

With surprisingly appealing results. I really like our messy eggs.

We also had a go at spin art eggs today using a salad spinner. I enjoyed this activity much more than the twins but we will be trying this again tomorrow when I will blog about it.

Today though as well as painting we also did cutting and sticking.

We made pink and purple Easter eggs for Tilda. Transport theme ones and animal ones, using stickers that our friends sent us from France.

After making these we did my favourite activity of the day. We made memory eggs.

I printed out some small photos of Baby Tilda. Esther and William then chose the photos that they wanted and glued them on to 2D egg shapes. They then decorated their memory eggs with shiny jewels. I love what they made and I find it fascinating that they both chose the same photo to put in the centre of their egg. I think they really do love and miss their baby sister.

I know that I do.

Happy Easter Baby Tilda x

6 thoughts on “Easter Craft: Messy Eggs!

  1. What a lovely idea- making the memory eggs!
    I love your creativity and admire your dedication to your children. They, all, are so lucky to have you as their mummy!

  2. Lovely as always. What I love most about this post is the pictures of Tilda. She is so focused on the contents of that box! For one so little she was (and will always be) a very special baby girl xxx

  3. I’m tearing up so much. I miss baby Tilda from these gorgeous photos and I never met her. HOW could YOU possibly not?? You have such lucky, lucky children, all these activities are great!! Gabs one day decided to paint with his tractor wheels and I couldn’t believe what an inspired idea it was, the patterns were amazing!

    Lovely lovely Easter ideas. I will do some of these next year. xxx

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