Brit Mums Live 2013

In less than two months I will be in London for Brit Mums Live.

Last year I attended the two day conference with my 8 week old daughter Matilda Mae.

This year I am attending with friends I have made because my baby daughter died.

I am really looking forward to the conference but I am also terrified of going and I am so glad that I will have Susanne (Ghostwriter Mummy) to hold my hand.

I am also glad that I have such a wonderful sponsor (the lovely Keira from Mama Designs) as I will be attending Brit Mums Live for her as well as for me.

This will make sure that I get out of my front door and get on the train.

My Mama Design!

The honour of being sponsored by Mama Designs will give me the boost I need to make it to London this June.

That and having been shortlisted for a Brilliance in Blogging Award!!

I have chosen my perfect day to night outfit today too.

Outfit for Brit Mums Live 2013

I am also very excited to know that The Lullaby Trust will be at Brit Mums Live and am planning some time in my weekend to spend with them. Assuming of course they don’t mind!!

I have been looking at the agenda for Brit Mums tonight and I think that this is going to be my plan.

After the welcome and key note from Kirstie Allsopp I would like to learn how to put the funny into my writing. Esther and William are quite the comedy duo and I would like to tell their story more on the blog. I think it will add a little light to the shade of Matilda’s story.

After a nice cup of tea I would like to attend the storytelling session as I am keen to improve my storytelling skills on the blog.

I don’t think it is any secret that I would like to write a book and so I am going to attend the session on meeting an agent, finding out what they do and what they look for.

After that it will be a time for a quick freshen up before the BIB Awards party and ceremony. I will be able to go this year as I will not have a baby or be fighting Mastitis!!!

On Saturday I am looking forward to the session on finding your voice and learning what makes good writing.

I am also planning on spending some time talking to brands and charities in The Hub.

Because I am always asking David for help I am going to go to the advanced WordPress session to try and learn some technical stuff!

I am also hoping to learn how to blog better for charities including Bliss and The Lullaby Trust.

Last year I was not able to stay for the Bloggers Key Notes because of Matilda Mae.

This year I will be staying to listen to the posts brought to life and to join in the tribute to another MM, Multiple Mummy.

I am sure if I have not already broken down then this session will finish me off.

My eyes will be leaking bubbles.

There are too many MMs in the sky x

See you at BritMums Live! 2013

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9 thoughts on “Brit Mums Live 2013

  1. You are so organised! Ok I need to do my plan too! I am so glad you’re going to be there and yes I wish our friendship had come about in different circumstances but none the less I am so proud to call you my friend.

  2. This looks like such fun! I really wish I could come too. I’d hold your other hand and attend some fantastic sounding sessions. I’ll put it in my diary for next year.xx

  3. I didn’t go last year. I wish I had so I could’ve seen you again and also met Tilda. As someone who’s attended the charity session previously, it’s a heart wrencher. I cried. A lot. I’m sure we will all be shedding a lot of tears over the weekend but there’ll also be plenty to smile about too.
    You’re so organised! I haven’t even looked at the agenda yet, never mind though about clothes *runs off to look at agenda pronto*
    Can’t wait to see you again xx

  4. Not sure if we met last year, but we will this time around. You are brave for going, something I know for sure i couldn’t find the courage to do. You are an inspiration to us all. H x

  5. I remember meeting you during one of the sessions last year, with beautiful Matilda Mae. Won’t be there this year, but will be thinking of you. You have brought so much to the blogging community this year, and I have no doubt I will be seeing your first book in the bookshop shelf.

  6. Oh you are such a brave and strong lady. I am gutted that I never attended last year and got to meet Kerry, and you with Matilda Mae – and I’m crying just reading your post, you are such an inspiration x

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