Messy Play for Matilda Mae (and her Mummy!)

Today has been a hard day.

First day at home after our wonderful break at Coombe Mill.

First day at home after our final goodbye to Tilda.

Esther was up through the night with croup and a very very scared mummy.

No one had had much sleep.

I knew that whatever we did today had to be low key.

But I did not have anything planned.

And I did not need anything.

Esther and William chose.

They wanted to do painting.

They wanted to do painting on the floor.

They wanted to paint their dinosaurs

And some stones.

They wanted to paint in the garden.

And so that is what we did.

We took our Tuff Spots, our paint and painting tools, our stones and our dinosaurs outside.

There we added some leaves to the mix and some of the bark from our big big tree.

We set to play.

Mummy, Esther, William and Daddy too.

We all did some painting today.

Esther and William painted their dinosaurs

We painted and printed with leaves

We made stars with a special roller

We painted Baby Tilda’s name

Daddy painted faces on trains (logs)

Where Esther and William played happily.

William was so excited to be playing with his Emily!

While the other three painted

I had some quiet time painting

I was not really meaning to paint anything in particular

But I ended up painting this

On Eucalyptus bark

A little boat

Following the stars to the sea

Framed with a purple night sky

I love you Baby Tilda Mae

We all did painting today

I painted a picture for Tilda

Then she painted a picture for me

Oh, and just in case you did not think this was messy enough!!

This is the start of the Messy Play for Matilda Mae Linky.


Messy Play

I hope that you will come and join in.

I am sorry that I have not given this my full attention but I really want to build our Tuff Spot and Messy Play community. I am so grateful to Susanne for hosting last week and I promise that from now on we will be getting really messy every week! We have our thinking caps on x

Please make a mess with your family today in memory of Matilda Mae x

15 thoughts on “Messy Play for Matilda Mae (and her Mummy!)

  1. I’m sorry you have had a bad night and a difficult day, but it looks like the painting was a great success. This is such a lovely post, I want to comment on all the things you did but I don’t know where to start because I just love all of it. I especially love William’s excitement about the logs with faces, Esther’s cheeky smile when she is painting on her nose and your picture of Matilda Mae’s boat. I hope Esther is better tonight xxxx

  2. Oh and what a great job you all did.
    Brought tears to my eyes when I saw the picture that Tilda did for you. (((hugs))).
    She will always be with you. xxxxxx

  3. I love:
    – the idea of painting with leaves
    – the idea of turning logs into trains you can ride
    – that Esther likes to paint herself so much
    – your painting
    – your sunset photo
    What a beautiful improvised messy play !

  4. I think this is the first messy play post that has brought me to tears. I am seeing so many little signs from Matilda in the last few days. I LOVE the painting she did for you.xxxxxxx

  5. I love this! The logs with faces, Esther’s expression as she paints her face, her feet (my 4yo does this too, any given chance!), the beautiful sunset… which was absolutely sent just for you xx I hope you had a better night last night xx

  6. This is so beautiful and now I’m sat here crying. You have nothing to apologise for. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to join in this week, with everything going on I just haven’t had time and you put me to shame.
    I’ve been watching the sky a lot since Matilda’s birthday and she seems to be painting the sky so much. Much love to you xx

  7. Tilda must love her Mummy very much to paint her such a beautiful picture in the sky. Sorry you had a rough night but the painting looks like great therapy for it.

  8. looks like you had a lovely time painting outside love the faces on the logs. and what a wonderful painting Tilda sent you just beautiful. Aww look at Williams face along side the log (train) such a lovely photo and Esther face when she is painting it looks lovely looks like she is really enjoying herself xx

  9. The leaf prints look wonderful.

    I love your painting for Matilda, and of course, her painting for you.

    She is everywhere.

    Lots of love


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