An Auction in Memory of Matilda Mae

On Saturday people all over the UK will be walking a mile in memory of someone that they love.

Someone that was only on earth for such a short time before joining the angels in heaven.

We will be walking for Matilda Mae and in her honour we will be raising money for The Lullaby Trust.

Little Miss Matilda Mae

As well as our Mile in Memory there is going to be an auction.

An online auction very kindly run by Sally and her team at The Tots 100.

Organised and championed by the lovely Susanne aka Ghostwriter Mummy.

The original idea was for a raffle at the Kent walk (thank you Debbie x) and the auction has grown from there.

Through the love and support of families and friends all over the country and the Internet.

There are so many people, companies, places and brands that I need to thank that it is hard to know where to start.

But for now

To you all

Thank you x

Baby Tilda died on Saturday 2nd February 2013.

She died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.


600 babies die like this in the UK every year.

Many of them within the first three months of life.

But some older babies like Tilda, and young toddlers, can die too.

The Lullaby Trust fund research into the reasons for Sudden Infant Death and they are doing all in their power to reduce the number of infant deaths on the way to stopping SIDS all together.

The Lullaby Trust also guides and supports families in making the first steps towards growing their family once more, with their Care of Next Infant program. They also provide a bereavement support service and help to educate parents on the importance of safe sleeping.

It is a long road with many bumps along the way but I have promised myself that I will do all I can to raise awareness of SIDS and raise money for The Lullaby Trust to support their excellent work on behalf of families like mine.

And you can help too!!

Please please bid on the Matilda Mae Memorial Auction there are some fabulous prizes to be won.

The auction will start this Saturday, the 11th May 2013.

It will run for 9 days.

One day for each month of Matilda Mae’s life.

Please come along to the auction site (full details coming soon) and bid on something nice for yourself or your little ones.

In memory of Matilda Mae.

We can never bring Baby Tilda back from the sky.

But we can stop too many others from joining her there.

Please help us if you can x

Matilda Mae Memorial Auction

With huge thanks to

Thorpe Park

Finicky Shirts

Rachel McClary

Clare Nicholas

Lucy’s Locket

Cherries Armour

Kyna Boutique

Air Puppy


Faye and Lou


Jennie Maizels

Barefoot Books


Safe Dreams




Snooze Shade

Buggy Tug

Sweet Dreamers

Mama Scarf

A Mama’s Touch

Lilly and Sid

Baby will love it


Lucy Young

The Essential One


Annabel Karmel

Cheeky Rascals

New Stork Times

The Dogs Doodahs

The Gro Company

Melba London

From Rosie’s Kitchen


Pretty Partea

Handmade by Zoe

Mrs Scruff

Micro scooters

The Toadstool

FingerPrint Jewellery

Rocket & Rose

Chapman Entertainment


Born Gifted

Livie and Luca

Slugs and Snails

Milo et Mimi

All at Sea

D and R Training

Imagine Spas

The Bojelian Family

Paul Barsby Photography

Ruby and Ginger

The Chapel Down Winery

Mia Tui

Bloom, Bump & Baby



Minnie’s Macaroon

Daisy Chain Baby

Peach Pink London



Kiddy Car Seats

Baba and Boo

Lucy at Dear Beautiful

Dragon Knitwear

Nuby UK

More 4 Mums

Haven Sent

Cards by Frankie


Thank you x

Thank You For Looking After My Mummy x

4 thoughts on “An Auction in Memory of Matilda Mae

  1. Once again the blogging community comes together to do something amazing. I love everyone involved – this is when blogging really is like having a huge extended family.
    I’m sure the auction will raise lots for The Lullaby Trust xx

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