The Matilda Mae Memorial Auction


We are three days into the auction for The Lullaby Trust and it seems to be going really well.

So many wonderful things have been generously donated by companies and individuals.

So many fantastic bids have been made.

Please keep checking the links and bidding on your favourite things.

The auction is running over two Ebay pages, The Tots 100 and Unique Chic Geek who is part of the Tots Team.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the team at Tots for all the time and effort they are putting into the auction. Some fantastic tweeting from Tots 100 today.

I would also like to thank my beautiful friend, Susanne, from Ghostwriter Mummy who is getting up early and going to bed late to oversee the smooth organisation of the auction. She is doing an incredible job.

Please please check out the auction.

New items will be added everyday and every single one of them is a useful family product to win.

All money will go to The Lullaby Trust. 100% of anything you spend will go directly to them.

100 days ago today, about this time, was the last time anyone saw Baby Tilda alive.

She died before her next feed at 10.30pm.

She just died.

There is nothing I can do to bring her back.

But by supporting The Lullaby Trust and raising awareness of SIDS

I can stop another family being destroyed like mine

I can prevent the heart ache and the nightmares and the panic attacks

The hurt, the tears, the irrational fears and anxiety

I promised Matilda Mae that I would do what I can

To stop SIDS in its tracks

And make sure that families like mine are give the best possible support and care

100 days is forever and no time at all

100 days of darkness

100 days of memories

Of a baby girl who was stolen from me

To take her place with the angels

Please please do what you can

Bid what you can

To make SIDS go away

To virtually hold the hand of a grieving mother like me

To comfort and support a broken family like mine

Please please take part in The Matilda Mae Memorial Auction

For The Lullaby Trust

We cannot bring Matilda back but we can do this.

Thank you x

MMMA is open!

Remember the auction is over two Ebay pages Tots 100 and Unique Chic Geek.

Thank you x

10 thoughts on “The Matilda Mae Memorial Auction

  1. Hi Jennie – 100 most heartfelt virtual hugs from me to you xxx The auction is brilliant & I’m bidding on some lovely items for The Lullaby Trust. I wish they didn’t exist and there was no such things as SIDS but I am so glad they do so they can help families like you…. xxx

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