Falling: Team Matilda Mae

As one amazing weekend ends

The countdown to another begins

On Friday I will be meeting up with 9 amazing women

One for each month of Baby Tilda’s little life

As a group they will take to the skies

And one by one they will fall.

I have been trying to write this post for weeks

But even now I cannot find the words that say enough

That tell 9 awesome, amazing ladies

How much they mean to me

Though there are some I have never met

How fiercely proud I am of them

How honoured I will be

To witness their fall

As I wait for them on the ground.

9 lovely ladies

Will dive through the skies

In memory of Matilda Mae

To raise awareness of Sudden Infant Deaths

And the fact that it can happen not only to tiny babies

But to big beautiful babies and to toddlers too.

9 wonderful women

Will dive through the skies

And I know my baby will watch over them

Fall with them

As they raise money for The Lullaby Trust in her name.

Standing side by side with me

To ensure that her memory lives on.

Making sure that the Matilda Mae legacy

Is a lasting and positive one.

These beautiful friends

Are making a difference

In Baby Tilda’s name.

I am sorry that I will not be diving with them.

I had hoped I might of done some falling of my own.

But sadly that has not been so.

As we count down the final days

Please count with us

And support Team Matilda Mae in anyway you can.

They will fall from the skies with honour

In memory of my baby girl.

And for that

I love each and every one of them with all my heart.

Thank you Team Matilda Mae x

Please sponsor Team Matilda Mae if you can and raise money to fight Sudden Infant Death SIDS

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18 thoughts on “Falling: Team Matilda Mae

  1. Brave ladies supporting the bravest lady I know. May Matilda Mae be by their sides as they soar through the skies and may your friends bring a little of her spirit back to you on Earth xx

  2. What a beautiful post Jennie and what a wonderful way to honour Matilda Mae – she will I’m sure be soaring through the clouds with them, holding their hands as they fall and laughing with glee at their terrified faces :) Much, much luck to everyone xx

  3. This is beautiful, Jennie. I have a post lined up for tomorrow about the sky dive. I wish I could be there with you all but we are having some work done in the new house and I have to be here :( I’m gutted but I know that there will be lots of support there for you and them. We will go out into the garden and blow some bubbles and think of you all, and beautiful baby Tilda xx

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