Play Away Guest Post: Our Rainy Day Box

Today’s guest post is from the very lovely Twin Mummy at Twin Mummy and Daddy. Her post is just perfect for the coming autumn days.

What would you put in a rainy day box?

Rainy days are probably something that most parents dread! If the weather is nice and it’s term time I know I’m onto a winner! It means I can take the twins to the park and baby group, but when it rains and there is no baby group what do we do?! Our twins get bored so easily at home. For this reason I go out somewhere everyday with them. I work Mondays and Tuesdays, so on a Wednesday I go to the park, Thursdays is baby group and on Fridays we go to music group. Saturday is food shop day and Sunday Twin Daddy and I will take the girls to soft play followed by the local pet store to look at the animals! I would love to have at least one day a week where I could just stay indoors though. This is how my rainy day box idea was born!

The rainy day box includes a whole host of wonderful things to help fuel our creativity. From foam stickers to finger paints and crayons we’re sure to find something that will keep R and M amused. I have also been collecting empty yogurt pots and bottle tops and these provided some much needed entertainment! The girls loved sticking the foam stickers onto the empty pots and onto a drawing pad. I must admit I did enjoy sticking the foam stickers to R and M and watching them pull them off then try to stick them on each other!

Next up was the finger paints and crayons, but before I continue I do have one question that I need to ask. How do you stop them from chewing on the crayons and turning their teeth all multi-coloured? Every time I get the crayons out they are used for the proper purpose for all of 2 minutes and then they just get chewed! I figure the more I get the crayons out, the quicker they’ll learn to use them on paper instead of in their mouths! Anyway, back to the finger painting and I squirted a mixture of red, blue and yellow onto a sheet of paper each and I also squirt some onto a plain cardboard box each. The boxes are the girls favourite, because as well as mixing all the paints together with their fingers and hands, they love sticking the stickers on the boxes and pulling them off again.

I also bought some small felt tip pens. Both R and M seemed to prefer these to the crayons. I think because they were easier to use and the results were easier to see they enjoyed drawing with them. Even though they both started drawing on the play pen! Talking of drawing on things that they shouldn’t, we have a fireplace in our front room and when we first moved in back in December the whole house was cold. Because there is no actual fireplace in there the cold wind was coming through. As a quick fix, Twin Daddy found a sheet of cardboard and using some duct tape he covered up the fireplace. 8 months in and the cardboard is still up, but it now looks prettier because the girls enjoy drawing on it!

What are your rainy day activities?

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