Christmas with Thomas: Festive Family Frolics with my Country Kids

Earlier this year we treated Esther and William to a day at Thomas Land.

They have had lots of treats this year.

They, we, have had a tough tough year.

The worst.

One year ago I promised myself that I would do everything I could to make sure my family had fun together.

One year ago I promised myself that I would be the best mummy I could be to my three children.

One year ago I promised that I would always see the good in people and situations.

One year ago I promised that I would make the most of every moment.

All because one year ago a mummy I hugely admired died

A mummy who had helped in so many ways had been snatched from the heart of her family

A brave and strong mummy who had shown such fight had heartbreakingly lost her battle.

Kerry died.

Multiple Mummy died.

One year ago.

One year ago I promised that I would be the best mummy I could be

I did not know that just 7 weeks later I would have an angel of my own

That my own family would be ripped apart

My own world turned upside down

Just 7 weeks after they were made

All those promises were put on hold

As I focused on learning to live again

Learning to live without my 9 month old daughter

Our baby Matilda Mae

Losing a mummy, a baby

Is the cruelest stroke of fate

There is no going back

Nothing can ever ever be the same again

There is no normal

Every day is a challenge

Nothing can stay the same

But as much as it hurts every breath you take

For the living, life does have to go on

And so you slowly start to do what you can

To make the best life you can

For those that you can

And in doing so build a legacy

In doing so make them proud

In doing so ensure they are remembered

For all that they were and should be

Living the best life that you can

In memory

In loving memory

Of those so cruelly gone.

And so we sent to Thomas Land.

For seven magical hours.

And we talked about Tilda all the day

We shouted her name to the skies

Although she is not here with us

She is and always will be

At the centre of all we do

Today is one year since the beautiful Kerry died

A candle burns here for an angel

A candle burns here for our star

Two MMs in the sky tonight

Two families changed forever

From one MM to another

From one family to another

Love and understanding

Thinking of you x

We are sharing our festive family frolics in memory of Multiple Mummy and Matilda Mae today.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

17 thoughts on “Christmas with Thomas: Festive Family Frolics with my Country Kids

  1. Jennie, despite all that you have been through in this past year you have created remarkable memories for Esther and William. They are such happy and well-balanced children, your love and devotion for them shines through everything they are and do.

    I adore their hats too. :-)

  2. What a truly magical day. You always show Esther and William such love, good times, memories and fun. You are amazing Jennie and I continue to be inspired by you. I still can’t believe it’s a year ago today that Kerry died. It’s gone so fast but she has left a legacy of people changing for the better and being better people. She was an amazing young woman xx

  3. I take it from their attire that you were there on Xmas Jumper Day? Yes?
    Oh Jennie, the two sad losses so close together. It pushes home the tragedy of both losses.
    Two such beautiful MMs who are both so very precious and both remembered with such great love.
    Liska xx

  4. what a magical day. We have taken our own train mad son to Thomas Land and it was such an adventure for him. Your twins look like they really enjoyed the day. Hugs to you and strength for what imi sure is not going to be an easy season. x

  5. This is a very touching and lovely tribute. Admittedly I haven’t heard of Kerry till now, such a loss, my heart bleeds for her family. Stopping over from #CountryKids.

  6. Jennie what a beautiful post, No one will know the pain that both of your families have felt and will continue to feel. All we can do is send love and hope that each day that pain easier to bare x

  7. Adore the photos of the twins with their pixie ears. And the photo of them in front of the height chart is brilliant. Such wonderful points being made in this post, happy families keep memories alive.

    Thanks for writing this post to remember Kerry, apologies for the mammoth delay in commenting but life raced along at a ridiculous pace!

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