Growing A Rainbow: 12 Week Scans

As with Matilda Mae

We had two 12 week scans

This is not really recommended

As different operators can give different results

But there was no way we were going to turn down our NHS scan

And our first glance at the hospital where baby will be born

But at the same time

We had to see our amazing Mr Penman

He is so thorough

And I trust him entirely

And he can tell at 12 weeks

With 80-90% certainty whether baby is a boy or a girl

He told us at 12 weeks that Tilda was a girl

And of course he was right

She was

Our beautiful baby girl

Beautiful Baby Tilda

With Rainbow Baby

We had the private scan first

David came with me to see Mr Penman

He carefully measured baby

But only after us showing us

And letting us hear that most beautiful of sounds

Your unborn baby’s beating heart

Once the heartbeat was heard

The tears flowed

As we admired Rainbow Baby’s beautiful butterfly brain

And marvelled at her magnificent toes!

brains and toes

Mr Penman measured the fat pad at the back of the neck

And carefully examined baby’s nose

Together with the data he concluded that I was very low risk for Downs

And so no blood was taken

I did have the blood tests done at the hospital

And they confirmed what Mr Penman had told us

That this pregnancy is a low risk for Downs

You can read more about blood tests and the Nuchal Screening Scan here

Mr Penman checked for legs, arms, hands and feet

He found them all

Once again Rainbow Baby was wriggling all around

She seems to already be a very active baby

Just a few days later it was time for the hospital scan

My friend Melissa came with me

It was wonderful to see our baby again

And for Melissa to see her too

She definitely looked like a baby

The sonographer thought she was acting very much like a 13 week baby

It seemed that every time we looked at her she was in a different position

Legs akimbo seems to be a favourite pose

legs akimbo

And she also gave us a lovely wave

Or perhaps a high five?

high five

Look at her perfect little hand!!

My due date was moved forward from this scan

From 9th August by my private scan and my dates

To 6th August

Something tells me

If we are lucky enough to get that far

This little lady will make her appearance

On either the 2nd or the 9th

Her big angel sister will make it so

At the scan the baby was again very active

We saw her beautiful hand so clearly

Such a perfect baby hand

I cannot wait to hold it

I felt like I could reach out and touch it

Touch her

You forget when the image fills the screen

How tiny 12 week babies really are

So tiny but perfectly formed

The human body is a wondrous thing

A miracle

This baby

With her beautiful beating heart

Her butterfly brain

Perfect fingers and tiny toes

Will be our fourth miracle

I hope she comes

And that if she comes she stays

growing rainbow

Please watch over us Matilda Mae

In all that we love this Rainbow

We love and miss you too

A rainbow from the sky

A present from our star

A gift from our angel

Something so magical and so happy

Makes my heart so heavy

And me so sad

I have room in my heart for all my children

I have room in my arms for all of them too

Miss you Matilda Mae


9 thoughts on “Growing A Rainbow: 12 Week Scans

  1. What beautiful and clear scan photos, such a magical thing seeing your unborn child on a screen isn’t it. I am always amazed at how well formed a baby can be at only 12 weeks, it really is quite incredible isn’t it.
    If the 9th date is right she is due on our wedding day! x

  2. What amazing scan pictures! You’re right they are just so perfectly small and perfectly formed. My birthday is on 8th August and I hope I share my birthday week with that precious little one xxx

  3. Stunning scan pictures Jennie. Blows my mind how perfectly formed babies are in such a short time. The hand is amazing! Just wait until those little fingers are wrapped around yours. She’s already saying ‘hello mummy!’ xx

  4. What beautiful scan pics.How reassuring.I went to see Mr Penman when pregnant with my daughter Tallulah.The William Harvey had told me at my 12 week that it was probably another boy…Mr Penman shocked the pants off me when he informed me at a private 15 week scan that it was infact a girl!He will always be my hero!What a wonderful man!I hope you can relax a little and start to enjoy this pregnancy…You deserve to enjoy every second xxx

  5. She’s beautiful (and looking very much like a she even in the pics, from what I know of these things!)

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. This little girl is already so loved by so many! xxxx

  6. Beautifull scan and tiny little” high five” is so cute.
    Good to know that scan results were fine. Seeing rainbow baby twice at this stage of pregnancy and most of all hearing her heartbeat must have been of a great help to you.
    I hope you can enjoy more and more this precious pregnancy.

    Talking about due dates makes me think about my own chance – for my 1st son it was June the 7th and for his little brother August the 18th but they both decided to make a funny trick to us as they respectively came to birth 06.06 and 08.08. Perhaps Ethan will be sharing his birthday with rainbow baby.

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