Easter Activity: Playdough Eggs and Crosses

Throughout the Easter holidays I am trying to start our days with simple Easter fun

This activity was really easy and lots of fun

We used shop bought Playdough but it would be wonderful if you made your own

We love to make our own playdough

But this time there was no time and so shop bought it was

I set out the dough with some accessories

Patterned rolling mats, rolling pins, knives, sparkly sprinkles and gems, glittery paper strips and coloured plastic beads from Baker Ross


I showed Esther and William how to roll the dough and use the egg shaped cutter

Esther was keen to do this

William was mostly interested in cutting the playdough

With a knife and with scissors

This is great for his fine motor control and he was happy

So this is what he did

cutting work

Esther and I made egg shapes and then I showed her how to decorate them

We made little balls of playdough and wriggly worms

We created colourful patterns with the Baker Ross beads

We made striped eggs with the glittery card

egg decorating

And we used the beads again to print circles in our eggs

We then filled the holes with playdough balls

We had lots of colourful, creative Easter fun

William carried on cutting!

easter focus

As well as eggs we made and decorated Easter crosses

easter signs and symbols

And I showed Esther and William how to make some very simple Easter chicks

At this point I think that I was having more fun than them!

easter chicks

We had a lovely time creating Easter signs and symbols with playdough

Once we had enough of Easter

We returned to our old favourites

Gruffalo playdough cards

From Twinkl

Esther and William, and Aunty Carolyn, had a lovely time

Completing the tasks

Making jeweled characters

For the deep dark woods

deep dark wood

A lovely early morning invitation to play

Colourful, creative fun with playdough

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