Asobi Ambassadors PL-UG Den Kit Review and Giveaway

Our April challenge as Asobi Ambassadors

Was to put the new PL-UG Ultimate Den Building Kit

Through it’s paces

We have all had a go

At making hidey holes

With very mixed reactions

Esther and William love the kit

Daddy is not so sure

He is an old fashioned den builder

Deep in the woods with found materials

Or at home with blankets and piles of old books

Esther, William and I have enjoyed our challenge

Using the PL-UG kit to make places to read

Places to cuddle

Places to share

To be

pretty starry place to be

The PL-UG Ultimate Den Making Kit can be bought from Kind Toys, John Lewis and Kids One Stop Shop

It is a den making kit for a new generation

It consists of 8 plastic poles, a starry waterproof sheet and a variety of bits, bobs and connectors

plug official

The connectors are a clever idea

They enable small children to create dens independently

With a simple click, lock system

That is easy to use with dots to line up and a satisfying clicking sound

The recommended age for this product is for 5 years and up

bits and bobs

Esther and William were very quickly able

To connect the poles to the feet, the hooks, the eyes and the pegs

Esther and William loved making frames for limbo dancing

Thank you Peppa Pig!


The suckers included in the kit

Are a great idea

You can use them to attach to large windows

To make a fourth wall of your den

The hooks have proved useful for us too

Both outdoors and in

They connect rather nicely to the fireguard in our lounge

Providing Esther and William with a cosy space

To read together

Chat together

Cuddle their teddies

And gaze at the stars!

place to cuddle and read

With the starry sheet provided

You can make a den just about big enough for twins

To make a larger den you would need to add more material

And use some more traditional resources such as

Chairs, tables and piles of old books

You can get quite creative with the PL-UG Den Kit

But I am not certain it is better than our den making of old

The Ultimate Kit has an RRP of £50 and includes

8 rods, 4 discs, 2 clamps, 2 hooks, 2 suckers, 2 pegs, 4 grips, 1 sheet and 1 sign

I am not sure I could justify spending this

When I know that den making is about so much more

I am worried that this review is going to make me unpopular

But I have to be honest

We have loved having the chance to test PL-UG out

We have made some lovely little spaces to play

I have watched Esther and William work together

To connect poles

To pull material through an eyelet

To solve problems

Working out how to connect this to that

And that to this

hooks and eyes

I think that some of the connectors are very clever

And of great use when building a den

But I am not sure

That I agree with the valuation of the product

When I know that some of the best dens a child can make

That my children will make over the months and years to come

Will not be with a £50 kit

But with musty old blankets, clothes pegs and books

Things borrowed from the environment they are in

Hiding them from the world around

Creating a secret space

A dark den of adventure

For them and their friends

I look forward to the day I am told to

‘Kip Owt’ of my children’s den

keep out

But I do see the merit in this

A construction kit

A way to get children to think creatively

I can imagine Esther and William making shelters for their toys

They did enjoy taking time out together

Under the stars

sharing the stars

I am just not sure that for me

For us as a family

It is worth £50

But what about for you?

Would you like to give the PL-UG Den Making Kit a try?

I would genuinely love to know what you think


Together with Asobi Toys I have a chance for you to win one

So that you can try it out with your little ones

I would love to see what creations you come up with

I know that we are going to be using our kit this summer

Together with traditional den making skills and materials

To make lots of lovely new places to play

If you live in the UK and would like to win a PL-UG Ultimate Den Making Kit

Please enter the Rafflecopter competition below

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more chances to win and to see what the other Asobi Ambassadors thought of the kit please visit their blog

Susan K Mann

A Mummy Too

Lilinha Angel’s World

30 thoughts on “Asobi Ambassadors PL-UG Den Kit Review and Giveaway

  1. I think (I know!) I must be getting really old, when I think “whatever next”. I am afraid that I couldn’t justify spending that amount of money on a kit for a den for children (although mine are grown now and I am waiting for grandchildren, I have lots of young children around me). I can get an old duvet cover, or a sheet and some pegs or books as you say and make a wonderful den. Even if I didn’t have stuff like that I could pick it up at a charity shop very cheaply. Don’t think it will be on my shopping list.
    I do love seeing the photos of E & W working together and under it, having fun.

  2. My little girls would probably invite their brother in as long as they obey their house rules lol! Granny and Grandad would defo be invited too!

  3. This blog will not make you unpopular trust me it just shows what parents do to keep there children entertained. I bet your kids had a brilliant time making dens and i bet the adults enjoyed it too.

  4. I would invite my 3 year old Ava, and 7 month old Amelie, and possibly Daddy if he is lucky :)
    I think it is a good idea, but like you, we wouldn’t be able to justify that cost. We love to build dens with our furniture, blankets and odds and ends. I was a den builder as a child, a proper one like your husband, wood, trees, rope, netting, any materials we could find.

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  6. My little one would to have her big sisters and her pretend friends with all her teddies and dolls in there ;-) x

  7. I am sure my two would invite all of their cars to join in, and probably use the roof as some sort of ramp for them! I agree with the price, does seem a bit pricey for what it is, as excellent a product it looks! x

  8. I’m sure my 3yr old will invite her big sister, Mummy and Daddy into her den along with her teddy, Belle and Bracken (our greyhound)

  9. I’m sure my kids would invite all their teddies and barbie dolls! Hopefully they’d let me join in too :)

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