Growing a Rainbow: 28 weeks and BP Rising

I am a bit late with this post

I am already 28+5

Where is the time going?

On the day I turned 28 weeks

I went to see the midwife

It was time for more bloods

An iron level check

And a full blood count

My iron was low at 12 weeks

So I am fairly certain that I will be anaemic now

I was with Tilda by this point

The problem I have is that I suffer

With piles and constipation

So iron tablets are not my friend

I try to eat an iron rich diet

And I also use a liquid iron supplement from VitaBiotics

The people who produce Pregnacare

I hope that will be enough

When I was poorly while pregnant with Esther and William

My Hb was so low that I had to have a blood transfusion

To help me recover from the surgery I had

Time for an extra serving of spinach with everything

And dark chocolate after every meal!

I love seeing my midwife

She is new to me

As we have moved house since Tilda was born

She is very matter of fact

But also incredibly caring and sensitive

Every time I see her she asks if I am seeing her enough

And always offers extra appointments

I feel like I can talk to her about anything

And I think that is really important

This week we talked about whooping cough

And whether or not to have the immunisation

She says that with a July / August baby

It is not a peak whooping cough time

The vaccine protects me and passes on some immunity to baby

So baby would still contract whooping cough in the first 8 weeks of life

But it would not be as serious as it could be without the vaccine

Generally I am for vaccines

But I do like to be armed with all the information

So I will be reading up over the next couple of weeks

And making my decision

We talked about birth

It is coming to the time

When I need to start thinking about birth

I have chosen to give birth on the labour ward

But was not aware until this week

That I can still have a water birth

Should I want one

I laboured in water with Tilda

Though she was born on dry land

I think I would like to try for a water birth this time

I would definitely like a room with a pool

If there is one there

We also talked about gas and air

And I reminisced about my one perfect contraction with Tilda

We talked through the timing of the gas and air

And she is happy to do that with me again

Right up until the birth

The midwife had a feel of my tummy

And said that Rainbow Baby is now laying across me


Which is how I think I feel her so that is good

She also measured my fundal height

And said that I am measuring about 5 days ahead

Which is reassuring as it correlates with the measurements from the scan

I do like it when things all tie together

We listened to Rainbow Baby’s heartbeat

All sounded perfect and as it should

My blood pressure was higher than usual this time

But it is normal for blood pressure to rise as pregnancy progresses

And as my normal BP is so low

Though it is rising it is still relatively low

We discussed my care plan under the Consultant

And we agreed that they are monitoring me closely

Not because they think anything will go wrong physically

But because they want to support me emotionally and mentally

Pregnancy after loss is really hard

And I know that I am lucky to have a medical team

Who understand this and are supporting me the very best that they can

bump pose

So that was me

And Rainbow Baby

At 28 weeks

Entering our third trimester

The final third

Not long to go at all now

Until hopefully I will hold a rainbow in my arms

And an angel in my heart

growing rainbow

When I set a glass prism on a windowsill and allow the sun to flood through it, a spectrum of colors dances on the floor. What we call “white” is a rainbow of colored rays packed into a small space. The prism sets them free. Love is the white light of emotion.
Diane Ackerman, A Natural History of Love

Mother's Always Right

9 thoughts on “Growing a Rainbow: 28 weeks and BP Rising

  1. Your bump is looking beautiful! I cannot believe you are 38 weeks already either. I hope everything continues to well, it must be such a wonderful feeling to hear the heart beat and know all is well. I’m so glad you’re being looked after. Much love to you x x

  2. Get some Spatone for Iron. It’s a very gentle, naturally iron-rich spring water. It comes in little sachets you mix with juice or water and is really good. You can get it in Boots, most big supermarkets etc. or Amazon sells it.

  3. Your midwife sounds absolutely brilliant. I think it’s SO important – and I’m glad you have someone so professional and caring looking after you. You are looking beautiful as always Jennie, such a glowing lovely bump you have there. It’s great news that you can labour in water if you want to, it seems like you have a team of wonderful people behind you, which is so great to hear. We so often hear about mums not being supported through pregnancy and birth due to staffing problems and budget cuts, so it’s great to hear this isn’t the case with you. Thank you for linking up – I’m really enjoying reading all these posts and following all these pregnancy stories. xx

  4. Can I second the recommendation for Spa Tone. It is great stuff – also available from health food shops/Holland and Barrett type places. I used to mix mine with cranberry juice as I found that was best at hiding the iron taste. Also, you need Vitamin C to help absorb the iron, so the juice helps with that.

  5. Hi Jennie, visiting from the #blogbumpclub You are looking amazing and it’s so good to hear that you have such a supportive medical team and that your midwife is so supportive. I can’t imagine how hard it must be dealing with pregnancy after a loss. Best of luck with it all xx

  6. Wow Jennie, 28 weeks already. You look amazing! I used spatone too as always get anaemic in pregnancy. Sounds as though you have a fantastic team and midwife. Big hugs xx

  7. Wow, you look wonderful at 28 weeks, and well done Rainbow Baby for having a nice perfect reassuring heartbeat. It sounds like you have a really awesome medical team looking out for you and after you too x

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