Rainbow Mummy Wish List

Today I saw our Rainbow

Bouncing around a screen

A button nose

A chubby tum

A flashing heartbeat to be seen

It made me think

Of what I wish

For when our Rainbow appears

I cannot wait to hold our daughter

Cannot wait to have her here

So I have written my

New Mummy Wish List

The things I would like to see

The things I will love and cherish

Things that are important to me

I wish for our Rainbow Baby

10 little fingers

10 tiny toes

I can’t wait to see

Eyelashes on cheeks

To kiss that beautiful nose

I wish that Rainbow will be happy

I cannot wait to feel her warm soft skin

I hope that she will enjoy our cuddles

And feel our love bursting out from within

I wish that our Baby Rainbow

Will hold my finger tight

I hope that she will wake each morning

Have slept peacefully in the night

I wish our Rainbow to arrive safely

I hope and pray that she will stay

I cannot wait to see her siblings love her

I want to watch them interact and play

I know there will be crying

Tears of sadness

Pride, delight

I know I will not want baby out of my arms

Never want her out of my sight

I will be fiercely over protective

I hope our Rainbow will understand

I wish to the be the best mummy I can be

To our babies in the sky and on the land

I hope Rainbow will love her siblings

I hope she will know about Tilda in the sky

I hope that she will grow into a caring compassionate girl

As days, months and years go by

I hope she will be happy

I hope she will belong

And as much as she is part of me

As much as she is part of our family

I hope she will also find her own song

growing rainbow

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