Out and About with our Ooba

Our first outing with the Ooba was a washout.

It was one of those days, a rainbow day, filled with sunshine and showers.

I put Bea into the spacious carry cot and she concentrated hard on the pretty floral design on the inside of the hood while I busied myself getting us ready to meet the rest of the family at the park.

Granny and Aunty had been admiring the pretty pink pram and had commented that there would be lots of volunteers to push Baby in her pram.

So excited was I to show off Bea in her Kimono carriage that I forgot to remove the plastic from the immaculate white wheels.

I am glad now that the wrapping was overlooked.

It meant that after our first adventure the tyres were still bright white.

We stepped out of the door, breathing in the summer air

And then the heavens opened

As one dark cloud dumped it’s thunderous load on us

I whipped the raincover out from the shopping basket

Attached it quickly and easily to the carry cot

We had just got to the park and Daddy told us to turn round and go back

I was soaked, through all my layers of clothes to my skin

But Baby Bea was happy and dry

The Cosatto Kimono Ooba is a beautiful travel system

And the raincover as well as looking pretty

Is perfectly practical

Quick and easy to use and keeping baby completely dry

Even in the heaviest rainfall I have experienced for quite some time

rainy days

I fell in love with the Cosatto Ooba many months ago

It was love at first sight and went on my wishlist for Baby 4

When I saw the Kimono design

I knew it was the perfect pattern

For our very precious Rainbow Baby Girl

The pink is a dreamy blossom pink

With a contrasting floral print

This is striking for adults to look at

And also engaging for babies

Who love to focus on contrasting patterns

As their eye sight develops in their earliest days

Bea loves watching the sunlight dance on the hood of her carry cot

It makes a magical pattern for her eyes to try and follow

seeing the light

The Ooba carry cot is spacious and seems comfortable

Bea sleeps well in the pram when out and about

And has had the occasional nap in the house in it too

asleep inside

We took the Ooba on holiday with us

People commented on how light the chassis was

And it is

This makes it great for lifting in and out of the car

The Ooba is easy to push and steer

Someone commented on the luxurious feel of the handle bar

Like the steering wheel in a very nice car

The Ooba is made to look striking and stylish

But it is practical and comfortable to use too

cosatto cutie

The Ooba does look great

And each time we have promenaded with it

I have felt heads turn as we walked past

The Cosatto Ooba Kimono is a pram that gets noticed!

It is also a travel system with great design

The height of the handle can be easily adjusted

And I love that the brake is on the handle

Making it easy to click on and off

The shopping basket is a good size

And easy to access from all angles

basket brake

The Cosatto Ooba travel system is completed with

The Cosatto Hold Car Seat

We have the isofix base which makes getting the seat in and out of the car a breeze

We brought Bea home from the hospital in this seat

And it did look like the seat was holding her close

Snuggled in the newborn babynest


Bea will be 4 weeks old tomorrow

We have mostly been at home

Making the most of newborn snuggles

And trying to find our way as a family of five (again)

As the weeks go on we will be getting out more and more

And I will be writing a full review of the Ooba here for you to read

You can also follow our #KimonoCapers over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

So far we are absolutely Ooba the moon

With our travel system

And feel very honoured that Bea was the very first Kimono baby in the UK

PS – We have now taken the plastic off the wheels, the Ooba Kimono is here to stay!

If you would like your baby to be a Kimono baby or an Ooba baby, you can find a list of stockists here

cosatto brand buddy logo_2013

We have been given an Ooba Kimono Travel System free of charge as part of our work as a Cosatto Brand Buddy. All opinions are honest and my own.

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