Pirate Week: Pieces of Eight Invitation to Play

This week is Pirate Week at our house

Each day after school we are having a pirate lunch and then doing at least one pirate activity

On Monday we had a wonderful treasure hunt all around our garden

We also started reading our pirate books

I will be sharing our pirate book list over at Beebies Baby Store on Friday

Today I want to tell you about what we did on Tuesday

A Pieces of Eight Invitation To Play

silver paper play

Inspired by One Perfect Day Blog

I laid out our basket of wooden bricks and small wooden toys

And some pieces of silver foil in different sizes

William pretended to be interested for a few minutes

But then he had inspiration of his own

He wanted to use the coloured bricks

To make rainbow tracks and engine sheds

For his beloved Thomas trains

He chose his miniature steamies and diesels

As they were a better fit for his wooden rainbow track

trains and track

Esther and I played with the blocks and the foil together

It was lovely mummy and daughter time

Esther immediately started to wrap wooden shapes

In the shiny silver foil

She pretended she was wrapping presents

Before using the foil as bandages

For poorly wooden shapes

I love the way her imagination works

She played for hours

Wrapping, unwrapping and delivering her parcels

Bandaging and caring for her patients

Talking to herself and to me

All the while


William dipped in and out of the conversation

As we talked about rough and smooth as we explored texture

We discussed shape and size

Light and shade, shadows


We talked about shiny and dull

We tried to choose the right size foil

To wrap our object neatly

We tried making marks on the foil

Using our fingers and different objects

We tried to write the letters in our name

We had a go at writing numbers too

mark making

Esther loved using the foil to make treasures

Pretty things

Using the sheets of foil

Scrunching the foil to make sparkly jewels

pretty things

We tried making silver towers with wrapped blocks

We made shiny silver rockets too

shape texture

When we had a number of objects wrapped

We tried to order them and tried to remember which block or toy was inside the foil

This was a great invitation to play

Full of possibility

We will be revisiting this one soon I am sure

On Friday we will be digging for some of the treasures we have wrapped and made


As our pirate weeks concludes

This Pieces of Eight Invitation to Play was a great way to play with blocks

In a different way

Tomorrow we will be using our water table in a different way

We hope that you will join us

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