Baby Loss Awareness Week 2014


In 2012 with Matilda Mae in my arms I wrote this

Before I had experienced loss of my own

I had gone through four failed cycles of IVF

I had journeyed through NICU and SCBU with premature twins

I had friends and family who had lost

But I had not lost a baby of my own

In 2012 with Matilda Mae in my arms I wrote this

Before Tilda was born my friend lost two daughters

In 2011 I wrote the poem Believe for her

Again knowing no loss of my own

I felt so sorry for family and friends who lost their babies

In different ways, at different ages and stages

But I could not begin to imagine how they must have really felt

Now I know only too well how it feels to have a baby in the sky

And I know so many mummies and daddies and families

Missing angels of their own

Too many parents will be reading this with empty arms

The sky is too full of angels today

Tonight too full of stars


Too many families across the UK and around the world

Will join together for a Wave of Light

Remembering little ones gone from this world

On the 15th October

Families and friends will remember their children

In the flame of a candle

And together we will send a wave of light around the world

Tears will fall

Names will be called aloud

We will remember them

Our babies in the sky

We will honour them

Celebrate them

We will speak out

Shout out

Break the taboo

Our angel babies are our children too!

They are our children too x


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