Fairy Week: Sugar Plum Fairy Solutions (Exploring melting and dissolving)

The final chapter of our fairy tales

The last activity of fairy week

Which really was only a week but has taken me almost a month to write up

What a lot of fun we had with the fairies!

You can too, here are our ideas

Fairy Sand

Carddies Fairies

Sensory Soup and Water Bead Tea

Fairy Food Fun

Glass and Mirrors Fairy Village

Tiny Sugar Cube Towers

This last activity

Our fairy finale

Was more water play

Water and ice

Sparkles, sprinkles and sugar

Together making our very own fairy stock cubes

And our magical fairy soup

We used our water table for this activity

And some ice cubes made of coloured water and sparkly confetti shapes

William chose green for his ice cubes and Esther wanted pink

We made them together and put them in the deep freeze for a few days

fairy stock cubes

The star shaped treasure ices were our fairy stock cubes

I asked Esther and William what they thought might happen

When we added them to water or water to them

And they knew that the ice would melt but the treasure would not

They were fascinated watching the ice melt

Seeing the water change colour

And the sparkly sprinkles spread out in the water

It was a magical start to our sensory play

adding water

As the sprinkles spread out on the surface of the coloured water

Some pieces sunk to the bottom

Often sequins that had clung together

We talked together about floating and sinking

And how different things behave in water

fairy soup

Esther and William have done so much water play in their four years

That they have a good understanding of floating and sinking, freezing and melting

Today I also wanted to talk to them about dissolving

I wanted to explore another change of state

I wanted them to watch something solid turn into a liquid

And so we added the sugar cubes from our tiny tower play

adding sugar

In their eyes the sugar seemed to just gradually disappear

The water became a sugar solution

They helped the sugar to dissolve by stirring and moving the water

William liked feeling the sugary sludge with his fingers

Before the sugar could no longer be felt or seen


Esther kept some solid sugar cubes

She used them to make and decorate tiny fairy cakes

delicate decorating

Esther loves playing with small things

She pays great attention to little details

And spent ages playing with her sugar plum fairy mouse

sugar mouse

William played at the water table

With the sweet sticky sugar water

Making pots and cups of sugary fairy tea

He poured the water from one container to another

Observing if the water was cloudy or clear

Watching the ice cubes melt

Seeing the sugar dissolve

Stirring and swirling the solution

Learning through his creative play

taking tea

Fairy soup, fairy tea

This water play was great fun

It was a true sensory experience

Appealing to all five senses

And it was educational too

We have loved our fairy week

And have learned so much

We are looking forward to taking our learning forward

As we start to think about Autumn

We hope that you will join us

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