Hello Autumn! Apple to Cider

You know that autumn has arrived at our house

When the cider making starts

apple to cider

We have a day with Granny and Granddad

Picking the last of the apples

Sorting the good from the rotten

Chopping and mashing and juicing

Ready for Daddy to make his cider

It is a wonderful way to spend a day

True Kentish countryside living

And very productive messy play!

selected and sliced

Esther and William were involved with every stage of the process

As we chopped the apples

Selecting the good and rejecting the bad

Esther and William threw the bad bits into the wheelbarrow

Ready to be composted

The sliced apple was then chopped into smaller pieces

With a masher attached to Daddy’s drill

Esther loved helping with this part


Next the mashed apple was put through the press

The juice was stored in a large plastic barrel

And the remaining skin and bits of apple

Were taken from the press to the compost heap

By Esther and William in their mini wheelbarrows

wheelbarrow work

William in particular thought that this was a brilliant job

He was the champion composter of the day


What a lovely way to spend an autumn afternoon

Very Darling Buds of May

As my parents would say

A Kentish country afternoon

Making the best of the season

Hello Autumn!

3 thoughts on “Hello Autumn! Apple to Cider

  1. What a lovely day! And William looks very grown up in the picture where you can see his face – he’s really lost his babyish looks and is clearly a little boy now. Xx

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