Packing Super Pretty with PacaPod Sydney

For the last six months

I have had the privilege of testing

The stunning PacaPod Sydney


This gorgeous Charcoal leather bag

Has been on quite the journey with me

From third trimester time out at Brit Mums Live

To hospital for the birth of Bea

On our family holiday

And out and about with our Ooba

The PacaPod Sydney has performed in many guises during our time together

Overnight bag

Conference Satchel

Family wash bag

Baby change bag

Activity and toy bag

Daddy’s man bag

You name it

The PacaPod Sydney can be it

And be it in style

This is more than a luxury lifestyle bag

It is a bag for life

Baby Bea even uses it for tummy time!

tummy time on the go

The Pacapod Sydney is a rich charcoal colour way

It looks beautiful and will only get better with age

The leather is soft and gives the bag its luxurious look and feel

As well as being pretty

The bag is practical

It is a PacaPod after all

It has been designed with mummies and families in mind

Using the very clever and unique Pod system


The bag comes with two pods

Different colours

Allowing you to be ultra organised

For yourself and your little ones

pack a pod

When alone I tend to use the pods for food and toiletries

Things that might leak

With the twins they have a pod each for toys and ‘treasure’

When it is me and Bea

I use one pod as a breakaway change bag

Meaning that I can keep everything I need to change her in one place

I often put spare clothes in the second pod

Or things I might need to lay my hands on quickly and easily


It is rare to go out just Bea and me

Most often with all the family I tend to leave the pods at home

And utilise all the space in the bag

And this is the beauty of the Sydney

It is a flexible bag that you can use to suit you

Suit your mood

Your family

Your occasion

space case

The main bag has a very clever zipper

That makes the bag larger

Perfect for long days out

And overnight stays

This is a large bag

And can fit most laptops inside

So makes a great work bag

Or for taking to meetings and conferences

It is not too large though for everyday use

And fits nicely in the basket of the Cosatto Ooba

Though also looks pretty and is more easily accessible on the handle

The Sydney has a range of straps and clips

Making it easy to carry and transport the bag however you like

on the ooba

There are so many practical things about this super pretty bag

The bag costs a breathtaking (for me anyway) £245

But I have to say if I had the cash to make the initial outlay

Then I think that I would

The Sydney is super pretty

Perfectly practical

Multi functional

Cleverly designed with family use in mind

And will get better with age

Making it perfect to use once the children are gone

And you can fill it with chocolate and magazines

And perhaps small bottles of Prosecco with a fancy straw!

zip front

There is nothing to not like about this bag

There is everything to love about it

And I have been so busy using it

In so many different ways

It has taken me six months to write about it

And for that I am very sorry

But I love it

I heartily recommend it

And you can read all the specifics about it

Or go ahead and order it

Or browse the other bags in the Pacapod range right here

Go find out more about the Sydney

The super pretty, amazingly practical Pacapod bag!

I was sent one Pacapod Sydney for the purpose of this review

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