Oh Christmas Tree, Our Christmas Tree

We are not ones for getting our tree up mega early

We never have been

This year I think we have got the timing just right

We bought the tree on the 19th

The last day of the school term

Put it up on the 20th

The first day of the holidays

And I have just decorated and put the star on tonight

We always have a real tree

Each year we get it from Kingswood Christmas Trees

A farm local to us that offers a range of trees

To suit all budgets

trees together

They make choosing a tree easy and fun

The place is beautifully decorated

With little people in mind

tree toppers

There is a free grotto

Where children can meet Father Christmas

On the occasions he is not there

They get to have a go at riding on his sleigh!


There is a little shop with wreaths and gardens

A true Aladdin’s cave of festive knick knacks

We took Ami from Beebies Babystore with us this year

I hope she sensed the magic!

elfing around

The other lovely thing about Kingswood Christmas Trees

Is that they give away free trees for little people

Free little trees for children

Esther and William love being able to choose their very own tree

And being able to decorate it

Over and over and over again

esther decorates

william decorates

Last year Esther and William chose a tiny tree each

This year they chose a larger one to share

And it has been magical watching them do just that


Even putting the star on twice

Once each

fairies and stars

Siblings sharing

Such love

I adore my children

And the love they share

Almost as much as they love the tree they share

And being able to decorate it

Over and over and over again

their tree

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