Lovely Lovely Leeds

We are very lucky to live where we live

40 minutes from the sea

In a pretty little village

In picturesque rural Kent

It really is idyllic

We have no shop, pub or cafe in our village

But we do have a school

And footpaths from our garden

To the fields and hills beyond

We are also incredibly lucky

To live quite literally

Round the corner from Leeds Castle

One of the best family days out in the UK

In my opinion

Not just here in Kent

leeds castle

We go to Leeds Castle all the time

It is one of Esther and William’s favourite places to go

They have grown up there

I used to take them as babies and young toddlers

As preschoolers and now as pupils at school

Bike Chair! (What Esther calls her Smart Trike)

Bike Chair! (What Esther calls her Smart Trike)

They learned to walk there

Practised riding their trikes and bikes there

Developed the art of storytelling

And it is where we have eaten lots and lots

And lots

Of incredibly good cake!

As we live so close

We get great value from our annual tickets

We can start our day there

Pop round for a picnic lunch

Or end our day feeding the geese and swans

It is a magical place to meet family and friends

To create memories to be treasured and shared

A special place to be handed down

Generation to generation

I am already looking forward to taking my grandchildren there one day

I feel close to Matilda there too

Like all of us

She also loved Leeds Castle

And as with Esther and William

And Bea

It was one of the very first places we took her to

I will always remember her there

tilda at leeds

For £24 an adult you can visit the castle and grounds as often as you like

There are extra things you can pay for including the boat

And Elsie (LC) the land train

We frequent the train so often out of season

That we are not always asked to pay

And sometimes we are invited up to the cab with the driver

And allowed to ring the bell!

cosatto castle

family time

feed the birds

space to play

trail blazers

twin times

walking together


We have a lot of emotional ties to Leeds Castle

And have some of our most exciting adventures there

Matilda Mae at Leeds Castle

Twins on Toddlebikes at Leeds Castle

Memories of Leeds Castle

Light and Shadow at Leeds Castle

My Little Storyteller at Leeds Castle

Soon I am going to revisit Leeds Castle

With Baby Bea

And write a detailed review of the historical family attraction

It will be my first review of a Kent destination

For a series of posts about days out for families in Kent

I will be sharing ideas for days out with baby

And days out with all the family

I will be telling you about some of our favourite Kent attractions

The good, the bad with honesty

And Leeds Castle had to be the place to start

lovely lovely leeds

What are important considerations for you when planning a family day out?

5 thoughts on “Lovely Lovely Leeds

  1. looking forward to reading your posts on days out in Kent. My In laws live their so when we visit we are often looking for ideas for days out. We have been to Leeds castle, my boys loved it.
    We have also been to digger land and that was a big hit with two digger crazy boys.
    Important considerations for us would be
    Things of interest for both adults and children.


  2. Just back from Kent (half term in Margate – my comment luv is a review of a waffle bar there), we are there regularly (grandparents) but usually the north Kent, never made it to Leeds Castle though, but may well try next time we are down, sounds and looks a great place to see.

  3. What a lovely place to visit and live so close too. I’m so glad all your family are able to enjoy it. I’m completely moved by the picture of Matilda Mae and my heart goes out to you and your family. Thanks so much for sharing these precious moments with #MyFavouritePlace x

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