Looking Back On A Year of Blogging

I did not expect to get nominated this year

There are so many blogs so much better than mine

So many people more inspiring than me

I feel like I have faded away this year

I feel like Tilda and I are fading away

But I have been blogging this past year

I have been trying to live my life

And document it

Here are some of the posts I have written in the past year

If you have read them I thank you

If you continue to follow and share our journey I thank you

If you nominated me for The Brilliance in Blogging Awards I thank you

If you remember Matilda Mae

With all my heart

I thank you

As I look back on a year of blogging

I thank you

With all I am

I do

Thank you

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Looking Back

David and I took a risk as we returned to a very special place. We have been through so much together in the last seven years

We walked a Mile in Memory of our Matilda Mae

We had The Baby Tilda Barn Dance and it was so very special

Esther had a febrile convulsion that terrified us and made me determined to warn others with this post giving facts after the fear

Esther and William’s sibling bond continued to change and grow

I continued to write to raise awareness of SIDS

I grew a rainbow and I documented my pregnancy after loss in the hope that my Growing A Rainbow diary may help other mummies in my shoes

We marked 18 months without Matilda Mae

Beatrice Hope was born

She quickly grew into her name, Baby Bea

I shared amazing advice given to me on the evil eve of induction!

We once again survived that funny time of year between birth date and due date

We had days filled with mixed up emotions

I have struggled with grief and PTSD

We marked two years without our little girl

Two years of life

Two years of death

Esther and William started big school but then finished again

As I lent my voice to the #summerborn campaign

I have loved my children

And loathed my life

And I have shared it all with you

Thank you

If you wuld like to vote for me in The Brilliance in Blogging Awards in the categories of Outstanding and Inspire you can do so here

6 thoughts on “Looking Back On A Year of Blogging

  1. You are inspiring and truly amazing. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult each day is for you but you are so brave and courageous. I think about you often and pray you find some peace someday. I think about Matilda Mae and her short life. I hope you feel nearer to her at Coombe Mill. I may not be on twitter any longer but you are always in my heart x

  2. Jennie

    Don’t be so hard upon yourself. I have no doubt that the difficult path in life that you are following and the way that you have documented it, has provided comfort to many other people in a similar situation. You are blogging not just for yourself… but them as well. Keep going as best you can.

  3. You are a wonderful woman and thoroughly deserve that shortlisting. You have faced my worst fear and you’re still breathing, still reaching out, still finding the time to be kind to others. You inspire me every day and although I never met your beautiful Baby Tilda, never even knew of her existence before your grief, I think of her and you often and hug my own babies tighter and more frequently for it. x

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