Magic Mummy Moments at Legoland

At the end of May 2015

We were invited to Legoland

To experience the new Heartlake City area

This is based on Lego Friends

Which is very pink and purple

And very much aimed at girls

Esther and William

Being very small and young for their almost 5 years

Are still very much into Duplo rather than Lego

So Lego Friends and Heartlake were new for all of us

When we arrived at Legoland

Esther and William were so excited

And I was too

We rode down on The Hill Train

Admiring the many life size lego models

That we passed along the way

Esther and William just loved everything

And it was magical to see the sheer joy on their faces


Walking in to Heartlake City was wonderful

The place was buzzing with people

David and I grabbed a coffee

And we just let Esther and William roam

They loved the model people and animals

They loved their balloon model dogs

We watched the new Mia’s Riding Adventure

With our hearts in our mouths

This is a real ride for thrill seekers

I was secretly thrilled that my little lovelies

Were far too short to go on it

heartlake arrivals

The highlight of Heartlake for us

Was The Heartlake Express

The newly named familiar train

That takes you on a tour of the park

express news

After a ride on the rain

We explored the new city some more

exploring heartlake city

Before settling down at the harbour

For the brand new Lego Friends Show

Esther loved the show

I wish I could say that we all did

Legoland has lots of amazing features

For me the Lego Friends show is not one of them

Perhaps because I do not know much about Lego

Perhaps because I am too old and my children are too young

But the show was just not for me

I understand the ethos of friendship and team work

But the story line was not good

And the performances were not great either

It was like watching a Year 6 show at school

show girls

The jet ski grabbed William’s attention for a few seconds

The water jets were fun

But in comparison to the pirate show that we watched later in the day

It was just not comfortable to watch

And the girls were not the role models I would want for my young daughter

I watched Esther watching the show

And she really did enjoy it

She even had a favourite character

The purple one!

seeing stars

But she loved the pirate show even more

And adored getting to meet the girl pirate.

One week on we still talk about the pirate show

We have not talked about the Heartlake show

Since the day we were at the park

After the show we went to visit Olivia’s House

This was a great place to play

Large Lego bricks for building

And interactive displays

Combining traditional Lego with brand new technology

Meaning you could wash up using a touch screen

Among other clever and innovative things

olivias house

As we headed out of Heartlake City

Bea fell asleep on Daddy

He was happy staying with her and reading his book

Meaning I got some very rare Bea free time with Esther and William

And we had such fun

I feel very emotional thinking back

To how much I enjoyed them that day

We rode horses on the carousel

Hot air balloons and helicopters

Boats and cars and trains

mummy moments

Magical memories

Mummy moments

We had a wonderful time

Esther and William loved Duplo Valley

They were able to drive the Duplo train

That they had been too short to drive on our last visit

We ran and skipped from ride to ride


They recognised all the characters in Faiytale Brook

And how we laughed at the puppet show

We loved watching Little Red Riding Hood

“And the wolf!”


William’s best bit of the day was Miniland

And watching the trains

Esther adored the fairytales

And for Bea the highlight was definitely the splash safari

She could not get wet enough quick enough

She loved it!

splash safari

We ended our day having fish and Lego shaped chips

After riding the Sky Rider that Esther and William were tall enough for this year

Legoland is so much better when you are almost 5 than when you are three

almost 5

Legoland is a place where memories are made

We will be back again soon I am sure of it

A little bit taller to try even more rides!

And maybe next time we will understand better about Lego Friends

And appreciate The Heartlake City show a little more

Like these families did

Maris World
Missing Sleep

We were given free access to the park and fast track passes in return for our honest review.

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