The Magic of The Snowman

Today a trip to London

Signalled the start of our Christmas Countdown


We went to see The Snowman

At The Peacock Theatre

This was our third year

Starting advent by seeing the show

We were all so excited

And this year our experience was very different


We were sat in the stalls for the first time

Giving us a different view of the show

It was lovely seeing The Boy’s face

He was so expressive as he danced

As were all the dancers

Including Esther’s favourite ballerinas

The music box doll

And the ice princess

Esther has her sights set on playing these roles one day

I think William would make a brilliant boy

But he has his heart set on dancing the part

Of one of the penguins

These character dancers were adorable

And very funny

Now that Esther and William

Both attend dance classes

They like to talk about the technical aspects of a show

As well as enjoying the story


Esther was in awe of the dancers en pointe

William was counting cartwheels

And acro moves

The character of Jack Frost was brilliant for this

The whole show was superb

I really enjoyed the performance of The Boy’s Dad this year

We all love the carol singers

We laughed at the funny antics of The Snowman

As he explored The Boy’s house

And we cried when he melted

I cried before the show even began

The opening bars of music

Fill my eyes with tears every time

Just so beautiful

Father Christmas was fabulous

And got clapped and cheered

Whenever he came on stage

The energy of the show is amazing

It makes you tingle from head to toe

With the wintry magic of Christmas

This is the perfect festive family show

And a great way to celebrate the start of advent

It has become a true tradition in our family

In memory of Matilda Mae

We love walking in the air with

The Snowman


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