Naming a Fourth Girl: Our Second Rainbow Baby

Now that 2017 is underway

There is no denying

That all being well

We are having a baby this year

Our fifth and final baby

Our family will be complete

Though never all together

It is time to start thinking seriously

About a name for Sprinkle

She cannot be called Sprinkle once she is born!

We have 4 months to make our decision

Or at least be close enough to decide once we see her

Though we named Matilda

Long before she was born

I love choosing baby names

And have written about it on the blog before

Here at Naming Our Rainbow

Here at What Is In A Name?

Matilda Mae

Let It Be Bea!

So we already have our William, Esther, Matilda and Bea

What should our fifth and final baby’s name be?

Here are my thoughts so far

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Cordelia Jean
I absolutely love this name for so many reasons

But I seem to be on my own

David is not keen

My sister does not like it

And one of my closest friends does not like it either

But I do love it

Cordelia means Jewel of the Sea

Jean means Gift from God

And the initials make CJ

Shared with a strong female character

I love and admire from The West Wing

For me this name fits

And I love Cordy and Dilly for shortened versions

David worries that the name sounds too posh and pretentious

But then

We have a daughter named Beatrice

Though we never ever call her by her full name

Cordelia Faith
Esther and Bea have virtues as middle names

Esther Grace

Beatrice Hope

Faith is my mum’s middle name

And I really like it

I think it goes well with Cordelia too

And is perhaps a softer, gentler name

Than Cordelia Jean

Edith (Edie)
We all like the name Edith in our family

It is actually a strong family name

As David’s maternal grandmother and great-grandmother

Were both called Edith

I love the shortened version of Edie

And think that Edie Jean could be a very cute full name

Edith means Prosperous in War

So has links to William and Matilda

Which both mean Mighty in Battle

Edith would share an initial with Esther

But I think we are okay with that

This is another name David and I have both liked for a while now

Connie is a very cute shortened version

It has the obvious meaning

I do like it

But it does not feel right for us this time

I don’t know why

I love the name Florence

But it is very popular where we live

There are lots of little Flossies, Florries and Flos

But I do really like it

And I cannot take it off our list of possibilities


I love the name Nora

Meaning light

It is a simple but beautiful name

That works for a baby as much as an old lady

It is another that we have considered for Bea

As well as this new little rainbow

And then we come to Mabel

I was desperate for Bea to be Mabel

But David was adamant that we could not have another M

It was too soon after Matilda

But now that we have Bea

The M initial does not feel as much of an issue

And anyway our Matilda is always Tilda to us

Or MM for Matilda Mae

I love the name Mabel

It is so cute and pretty

In the end I think it was too cute and pretty for Bea

Who was born a bit of a giant chunk

And is most definitely a Bea

When I found out that I was pregnant with another Rainbow Baby

Mabel was the first name on my mind

But I just don’t know now

Though I adore the meaning

Lovable, beautiful

Seems perfect for a youngest daughter

For our last born child

At the moment there are no other names on our list

Though I do have a big soft spot for the name Nell

But I think we will be choosing between the names above

Unless you lovely people have any thoughts or suggestions

That might make us think again?

Naming a baby is so hard

Naming a fourth girl

And a second Rainbow

Perhaps harder still

And this is it

The last baby we get to name

Before our family is complete

It will just be pets after this one

So we have to get it right

It has to fit

It has to grow with our baby

It has to be right

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16 thoughts on “Naming a Fourth Girl: Our Second Rainbow Baby

  1. I love baby names too!

    My favourite on your list is either Cordelia Jean or Edie Jean – I love Cordelia, but not so keen on Faith tbh. Although as a middle name I think it works in combo with Cordelia.

    What do you think of the following, which I think have similar vibes to your existing (beautiful!) names: Tabitha, Ophelia, Maisie, Iris, Isla, Verity, Madeline (Maddie).

    • I like Tabitha, that was on our list for Bea. And Maisie was on our list before we ever conceived but only ever then. I do like the name though. Thank you for sharing ideas it is really helpful x

  2. Edie is such a beautiful name. If my boy was a girl he would have been Eliza. When he was a he, two of my friends both asked if they could use it. And they have gorgeous girls called Eliza. Another favourite of mine was Lily. I thought it was just the prettiest name but my husband said you can’t name a child after a flower. I then went for Madeline and it was knocked out on the grounds it was too long and difficult to write.

    Edie is also easy to write. Having children who has done years of occupational therapy (OT) to write their name I wish we had given them shorter names. Our OT told us her daughter to be would be Eva, Eve or Ava as it was short, angular and EASY to write. We thought that was clever.

    I think the OT’s logic would knock out Florence, Constance and Cordelia because they are complicated for little people to pronounce (both the girl and her siblings) and write.

    • My daughter is Willow, also an easy name to write! And my son is Fox. Willow was always going to be Willow, in all the years we were trying before we resorted to IVF but had the hardest time finding a name for Fox. He was the baby with no name until about 3 days before I had him, but it popped into our heads and it’s the perfect name for him. You’ll get there! FWIW, Edie Faith is beautiful. Xxx

    • This is a really interesting point about pronunciation and writing. Everyone always spells Esther wrong! Edie is rising to the top of the list I think x Thank you x

      • I have an Esther and it is often mispelled as Ester and even Esta. My other daughter is Rosanna which has been mispelled Roseanna. I still absolutely love their names, but can definitely see the benefits of a name that can only be spelt one way! Edie Faith or Mabel Edith would be my favourites.

  3. I think Genevieve would suit beautifully. It means white wave which would link it beautifully to Matilda and the sea. It is also old fashioned in a good way to fit with your other children’s names but unusual enough to not be the twentieth girl with the same name at ballet! If you want a shortened form there is Gen or Evie. I like the way it also links with your name without being a second Jennie in the family. Rose goes nicely with it as a middle name. Good luck with your search :-)

  4. Edie Florence is a lovely name! My youngest daughter is Marnie Joy and I adore her name. Marnie is actually quite a old name (Scottish if I can remember rightly) and whilst it is not a common name, it’s easy to read and pronounce correctly. My eldest is Sophie, but could have easily been a Sophia.
    Also as a heads up, I found naming our kitten harder than naming my children!!

  5. How about Vivian? Vivian Joy feels like such a happy name. I think all the names you’ve picked out are lovely, though, I’d say my least favourite is Cordelia because it reminds me of Shakespeare’s King Lear which is a sad play, although the name itself is very pretty! One other that’s just occurred to me typing this – Leonie? Good luck and have fun choosing!

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