11 Creative Picture Book Storage Ideas

Our house is filled to bursting with books

Books in buckets


Books in sling cases


Books in racks


Baskets of books


Books in special carry boxes


More books in baskets

Wicker and willow

book basket

Books in boxes

Boxes of books

Boxes of Books

Boxes of Books

Traditional book cases

gltc bedroom

Guarded by a massive penguin


Cabin bed book shelves
side by side

A secret door filled with books

glass books

Shelves and shelves of adult fiction

Just Some of Our Many Many Books!

Just Some of Our Many Many Books!

Though these are currently packed up like this

book packs

Books are literally bursting out all over

And now that we have knocked all the walls down in our home

We need to find creative ways to store and display them

So that the children can access them and enjoy them

I have a thing for books

You may have guessed

I have topic boxes filled with books

A dinosaur box, minibeast box, fairies

I have books categorised by authors

Julia Donaldson, Oliver Jeffers, The Ahlbergs

And we have seasonal baskets too

We have thousands and thousands of wonderful books

And I want them to be

As they always have been

An integral part of our home

And so I am looking at ways to display our books

To share them with people

And to ensure that no book becomes lost or forgotten

Here are some of the ideas I have found

Wire baskets mounted on the wall


A wagon on wheels


A little wooden boat


Upcycle the railing from an old cot


A dolls house bookcase

Going to get something like this for Esther

When she moves into her own room

Later this year


Character storage cart on wheels


A library table

I would love a couple of these for our new classroom

Perfect for picture books


Ladder shelves from GLTC

Formally known as gallery cases

Again perfect for letting children browse and choose their picture books


Buy a folding dish rack

And turn it into a book caddy


Make rain gutter book shelves


A painted crate


Which storage system would you choose?

Do you already use any of these ideas?

I am going to try some of the freestanding ones

Like the dish rack and the wagon and the boat

I will let you know how we get along

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