A Bedroom For Bea (Finally)

Two and a half years ago

David and I were excitedly creating

A rainbow nursery

For our rainbow baby

Beatrice Hope

We painted the walls using the beautiful and ultra safe Nursery Paint

We added a rainbow and stars sticker from Enchanted Interiors

We bought a beautiful light made of rainbow stars

We had such plans for that room

And for two and a half years

When not filled with boxes

It has stood empty

Now finally we are getting it ready for Bea to move into

A bedroom of her own

A bedroom for Bea (finally!)

It is a small room

But it is beautiful

The paint from Nursery Paint

In Her Sunday Best and Moonlight Grey

Is perfect

The colours are soft and the room feels light

The Enchanted Interiors sticker

Is simple but stunning

And Bea loves it so much

She is so excited about moving into her own room

We need to get her a bed

And some storage

And make the room a special place of her own

Where she can not only sleep

But browse books and play

I have always known what bed I would like for Bea

It is this StarBright bed from Worlds Apart


I love the moon light

And the link to Matilda Mae through stars

It is also a beautiful toddler bed

And comes with very cute drawers and a play table too



I am so looking forward to Bea having her own space

And I know that she is too

She has slept with us her entire life

But over the last three nights

We have stopped breastfeeding

I cuddle her to sleep if she wakes in the night

But her initial falling to sleep routine

Is now milk in a cup

A couple of stories

Hugs and kisses

Then falling asleep next to me

I think it is time

With our new baby due in a little over 3 months

I want Bea to be sleeping soundly in her own room

So that any issues are not connected to the baby

I want her to have every reason to love her little sister

And to have a positive relationship with her from the start

My Baby Bea is not a baby any more

She is a beautiful feisty loving little girl


I have put my baby down

After two and a half years

I have put my baby down

One thought on “A Bedroom For Bea (Finally)

  1. Aww! Bless you! Sending love and hugs….
    I have read over the years how hard it has been for you to have Bea sleep in her own room….You are doing great!
    The plans you have sound great! That bed is adorable and the play table looks fantastic!
    Good luck x

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