Books About Bumps and Babies

Esther, William and Bea are all very very excited

They are going to have a baby sister!

I need to find a way of managing their excitement

Or the next 15 weeks are going to seem so so long

I have decided to try and do one baby related thing with them a week

Starting at 30 weeks

I got the idea from a book we have been reading

Waiting For Baby by Rachel Fuller

This is a simply illustrated board book

With less than 100 words

But it tells so much

About waiting for baby

And having a new baby in the family

Through questions and bright illustrations

It starts conversations

And gives ideas for how to prepare the whole family

For a new baby

This book has encouraged me to ensure that I talk to Esther, William and Bea

About our growing baby

And to include them in lots of the preparations

Before baby Sprinkle arrives

Sorting through old clothes and toys

Shopping for new baby things

Setting up baby areas in our home

Coming along to a growth scan

To a midwife appointment

Choosing a present for their new sister

Planning what they might do with Granny

While mummy and daddy are at the hospital

It has also reminded me to ensure that we have talked lots

About what life might be like

Once their baby sister is here

And to help with all of that

We are going to read more books

Books about pregnancy

Books about babies

Books about growing families

And I am going to share some of those books with you

In case you would like to read them

To your little ones too

Here are the books that we have been reading today


What’s In Your Tummy Mummy? by Sam Lloyd
This was Esther’s favourite read today

It is a funny

Lift the flap book

The cartoon style illustrations

Are bright and colourful

The text gives a clue as to what might be in mummy’s tummy

Children can guess a rhyming reply

Too small to see?


Of course

A horse!

This is a fun book

About mummy’s growing tummy

Ending with a pop up celebration

That there is a baby on the way


There’s a House Inside My Mummy by Giles Andreae and Vanessa Cabban
This is a very popular book

And one that we have owned for years

I bought it for Esther and William

When I was pregnant with Matilda Mae

You can read my thoughts on this lovely book


This is a lovely book to read aloud

And creates a warm feeling of wonder and excitement

It is a story that never gets old

Esther, William and Bea all adore this story

Before You Were Born by Jennifer Davis and Laura Cornell
William is a boy who likes facts

He likes to know things

He likes to ask questions

Lots of questions!

This book gives some facts

Answers some questions

In a fun, simple way

Perfect for young enquiring minds

This lift the flap book

Counts down the months from nine to one

For each month it gives details of the mummy’s symptoms

And how baby is changing and growing inside

Today we learned that Sprinkle

With a little over 3 months to go

Until her due date

Can now open and close her eyes

And is starting to hear sounds

From outside of the womb and of mummy

This book answers questions

But also prompts many more questions

About what is happening inside mummy’s tummy


I like this book

Much more than my children do

We all love the next book

You Are Stardust by Elin Kelsey

Not strictly about pregnancy or babies

This is a book about creation and connections

This is a book to inspire awe and wonder

This is a book that tells how we are all made of stars

The simple poetic text is easy to read

And a joy to read out loud

The illustrations are stunning

A perfect book for sharing

And introducing the idea

That we are all connected


I’m Going To Be a Big Sister by Brenda Bercun
This is a book for children the age of Esther and William

This is a book that talks about what it truly means

To be a big brother or sister

It talks of the honour of being an older sibling

The pride and joy

The responsibility

The excitement

The love

Reading this to my soon to be older siblings

Brought a tear to my eye

This book has hints and tips for parents

For introducing a new baby to the family

And to make sure that sibling relationships

Have a positive beginning


You’re Getting a Baby Sister!

This last book

Was Bea’s favourite today

She is so happy that she is going to be a big sister

So excited that she is going to have a little sister to look after

And eventually a playmate of her own

Her smile when reading this book is such a delight to see

Even when it points out that babies are not always cute and cuddly

They cry and wee and poo

They can pull hair

And take your toys without asking

This book gently introduces the idea

That sometimes mummy will be busy with the baby

And that this never means that you are loved any less

It makes the big sister feel important

And valued

By making the big sister feel special and clever

And explaining her important role as teacher and guide

And role model

This is another simple book

With an important message

And a definite tug on the heartstrings


I think we will be reading this one most days

Over the coming weeks

As we get ready for our new baby

With the help of these wonderful books



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