Five Family Travel Goals with Lottoland

I am not a gambler

I do not really like to take risks

I like a quiet life

I like to feel safe

I am not a gambler

I am a planner

I do not like surprises

I like things to go to plan

But sometimes to make a plan

You need to take a risk

You need to have a gamble

You need to hope and dream

You need to play a game

A lottery?

I do not play the lottery

Never have really

Lots of my family do

But it has never been for me

But sometimes I do wonder

Should I have a flutter?

Should I take a chance?

Try the Euro Millions

While we are still part of Europe?

See if I have the luck of the Irish

By trying the Irish Lottery?

Because think of what I could do

What we could do

If I won!

What would you do?

If you won the lottery

What would you do?

If I won a huge amount of money

I would set my family up for life

The best I could

But if it was just a little win

Enough to do something

But not save everyone

Then I would treat my own family

To some trips of a life time

Make some of our travel dreams come true

Just think what we could do

Where we could go

What we would learn

Here are some of the places we would go

If we had a win with Lottoland



A city steeped in history

A place of awe and wonder

A place of myth and legend

A place of stories

I would love to take my children here

To experience the art

The architecture

The food!

Lots of ideas for roaming Rome with little ones here


It has been my personal dream for as long as I can remember

To travel to Borneo and see the Orangutans

Now I would love to be able to do that with my family

Perhaps on a trip like this one

Kuching Family Explorer Holiday

So much we would see

So much we would do

So much we would learn

About a place and a life so different from our own

Finding fireflies

Tracking crocodiles

Trying foods

Trades and crafts

Sleeping under the stars

Watching monkeys at play

I think it would be magical

And so memorable

Life changing

Sailing round The Greek Islands

This is what David and I wanted to do for our honeymoon

But Esther and William were too young

And I was pregnant with Tilda

It is something I would love to do

Once our children are old enough

To really make the most of the experience

Having lived as a child in Cyprus

And visiting Greece aged 9

I would love to go back

As an adult

And charter yet unexplored seas

Esther and William love the Greek Myths

And have recently read over 100 of them with Daddy

How wonderful to show them where those stories were set

Northern Lights

This is a dream that I hope will come true

Sooner than later

The children and I talk all the time

About travelling to The Arctic Circle

Finding Father Christmas

Playing in the snow

And chasing The Northern Lights

I think for this trip

We would hire a log cabin

With a sauna

When all our children are old enough to safely

Play and explore in the cold and the snow

I want my children to know snow

Real snow

And I would like us a family

To have a few days of no place to go

So that we can just play and explore

Getting out in the cold

Snuggling together with books

Puzzles and games

A true retreat from the hustle and bustle of the world

With one organised trip

A night out to see those incredible

Northern lights

I know that this experience would make us feel so close

To Matilda Mae

Galapagos Islands

Just reading about this amazing place makes me smile

So much to learn about conservation, geology

A visit could be combined with a visit to Ecuador

A place where William is desperate to go

I would love to get up close to giant tortoises

Snorkel with a penguin

See Marine Iguanas that are not on Octonauts!

This would be a once in a lifetime opportunity

To get up close to some of the most amazing creatures

On our Earth

What better way to learn about evolution

Than to visit the Charles Darwin Research Centre

It is right here!

My heart is racing

Thinking that one day

We might as a family

Visit this wildlife wonderland


Do you know

I started writing this post

As a lottery sceptic

Now I am wondering

If it might just be worth a gamble after all?

Do you play the lottery?

Do you have plans for the money you might win?

If you could go anywhere

Anywhere in the world

I would love to know where it would be

This is a collaborative post

2 thoughts on “Five Family Travel Goals with Lottoland

  1. One of the best things to busy me out of a rut was to write my Grand Adventure blogpost: Just planning, researching and allowing to dream made me want to actually do it.
    Some Adventures need lots of money and planning, some, and often the best ones, are just about seeing out of our comfort zone.

    I do play the lottery, but just to dream and in the knowledge that through that dream i am supporting good causes.

    • I now really want to go to Borneo and The Galapagos Islands. I spent a lot of time looking at it last night. A welcome distraction from real life at the moment.

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