My Gro Company Safer Sleep Wish List

On the blog at the moment

There is a chance for you to win a fantastic safer sleep bundle

From The Gro Company

By entering the easy to enter giveaway

You could win

1 x Gro Swaddle
1 x Gro Snug
1 x Grobag
1 x Gro to Bed bedding set

This is a fantastic giveaway for all parents and parents to be

To showcase some of the designs available to you

I thought I would share my own The Gro Company

Gro to Sleep Wish List

Some of my favourite products from the team

Whose products are endorsed by The Lullaby Trust

Gro Swaddle

My favourite design in the Gro Swaddle range

Is Apple of My Eye


Gro Snug

I have a Make a Wish Gro Snug ready to use with our Sprinkle of Stardust

I will be telling you all about it as soon as she is here to use it


There are lots of pretty designs to choose from

I think my next favourite is this

Light Rainbow Spot Snug


I would always choose the lighter option of Snug or Bag

As this offers the flexibility to co sleep

When we co sleep the baby always has their own cover (sleeping bag)

I have a sheet round me from waist down

And just sleep in warm clothes!


When baby is ready for a sleeping bag

We will use quite a few Grobags that we have already

Those used by Esther, William, Tilda and Bea

But we will also get Sprinkle a couple of her own

One I have waiting here ready to be reviewed

It is this stunning Pocketful of Love Grobag


I also love the Magenta Ribbon


And adore the Stars and Stripe Twin Pack


You can never have too many Grobags!

Whichever design you choose from the extensive range

You can be sure that it will keep your baby snug and safe while they sleep

Not only are the bags endorsed by The Lullaby Trust

They also meet the British Safety Standard

Find out exactly what that means here

And by watching this video from The Gro Company

Gro to Bed

The Gro Company have safer sleep covered

From birth to bed

Offering safe sleep solutions for babies to toddlers

And peace of mind for parents and carers

We have not used the Gro to Bed range before

But I think I am going to invest for Bea

Bea has just started sleeping in her own bed

A cot bed

She is 2.5 now

She manages a few hours each night

But mostly ends up in with us

With new baby soon to arrive

I need to find a way to make her stay asleep in her own bed

And I think some funky snuggly bedding

Might just do the trick


I struggle to sleep with Bea in her own bed

And I think Gro to Bed would give me the peace I need

To fall asleep knowing that Bea is sleeping

In expert designed and developed bedding

So here you have some of my favourite sleep solutions

From The Gro Company

I would love to know what designs you like the most

Which products appeal to you and why

Why not enter the giveaway

To win a safer sleep bundle for your little one

The prize is worth well over £100

And will give you peace of mind

Knowing that you are helping your little one to sleep

Safe and sound

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One thought on “My Gro Company Safer Sleep Wish List

  1. The Make a Wish and Rainbow Spot designs are so gorgeous! I am expecting my first baby (a boy) in June and we purchased two snugs and two suits at the Baby Show :) my favourite was a dinosaur pattern.

    Thank you for all you are doing to raise awareness of safer sleep – as a parent to be I find your posts very useful x

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