3 Weeks To Go So Much To Do!

It is done

The plan is in place

The date is set

This really is the final countdown

The last three weeks of my life that I will ever be pregnant

The last three weeks as a mummy of four

The last three weeks before our family is complete

And we meet our baby girl

And hopefully

All being well

We will get to bring her home


To a house that at the moment is far from ready

For a new arrival

We need to get organised now

We have so much to do

Things to build and place and put together

Here is my list of things to do before the day


Pack my hospital bags
Now I know that I am going to be induced

Assuming no surprises come our way between now and then

I can make a start on packing my bags

A long stay bag for me

A labour and birth bag for me and baby

A long stay bag for baby

A man bag for Daddy

I am going to be collaborating with The Essential One and Pink Lining

With something special from Shnuggle


To show you what I pack for a planned induction

For mummy, daddy and baby

Buy sibling gifts for Esther, William and Bea

Get Bea to sleep all night in her own bed

Get my hair cut and my eyebrows done

Test for Group B Strep with Strepelle


Find a pram and car seat

Set up the SnuzPod in our bedroom


Set up the Shnuggle Dreami downstairs


Make a Baby Corner in the lounge for baby’s bits and bobs

Put together upstairs and downstairs changing baskets including changing mats

Have some special time with Esther, William and Bea

Buy a car!
My car has just been written off

As a rat chewed through the wiring!

We currently do not have a car that I can drive

Or that can fit us all in!

Celebrate Matilda Mae’s birthday
We are having a barn dance this year

For Tilda’s 5th birthday

With family and friends at our home

Test out our new buggy board for Bea
We are working with Cheeky Rascals

To review the Lascal Maxi Plus buggy board

With saddle

Hoping that Bea is going to love it

And remove the need to resurrect our beloved but very old now double buggy!

Make busy bags / activity boxes for Esther, William and especially Bea for feeding times

Clean the house

Give our bedroom a bit of a spruce up

Take excess baby bits and maternity clothes not suitable for breastfeeding to charity shops / Sure Start

Have lunch with my best friend

Have lunch or dinner out with David

Finalise my birth plan
This will be slightly adapted version

Of the plan we made for Bea

Use massage, a bath and story books to bond with bump
With special mentions for the very lovely Baby Book Club

And Love Boo too!

And their Marvellous Mummy Kit


Three weeks to go

So much to do

So much to share with you

I hope you will stay with us now

To welcome our little girl

Find out her name

And see how she completes us

How she brings us all together

Our rainbow gift from the stars

2016 badge

Our Sprinkle of Stardust

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3 thoughts on “3 Weeks To Go So Much To Do!

  1. Hope you cross everything off your list, especially the special moments just for you with your husband, best friend, the children and time just spent on some much deserved pampering. With so much to fill your days I’m sure three weeks will soon pass.
    I will definitely continue reading, Jennie; for the last weeks of your pregnancy, reading about the arrival of this gorgeous bundle of joy, and beyond, following the bonding of your complete family, your HE journey and of course celebrating Matilda’s life in the many special ways you remember her.
    Good luck with everything and thank you for sharing your journey. x

  2. Wishing you all the best the nest few weeks! It’s all systems go here too. Have the bags packed as much as possible, got the go ahead yesterday to go to the birthing centre rather than ward (much to my relief) and still have the co-sleeping crib to make up. Our car has also given up (great timing) so need to sort that out asap as don’t think this baby will hang about if it’s anything like it’s brothers, it’s already feeling low! Good luck!! xxx

  3. Lots of love for the next few weeks Jennie. I hope you find some time for yourself to relax ( I know how hard that is with other children to look after ).

    You’ve given me lots of lovely ideas for special baby treats for myself here too. I’m especially liking the nightdress from Shnuggle.

    Thinking of you. xxx

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