Safer Sleep Products For The First 6 Months

With three weeks to go until we meet our baby girl

This week we met our CONI Health Visitor

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The Care of the Next Infant (CONI) Programme

Is offered to parents who have previously lost a baby

Working with the NHS and Local Authorities

The Lullaby Trust facilitate this service

And I am so very grateful

CONI was not available in my area

When Bea was born

And I think that the programme would have made a huge difference

To me

And to us as a family

Our CONI Health Visitor for Sprinkle

Is just lovely

She spent 90 minutes in our home

And was able to immediately make me feel at ease

She was easy to talk to

A good listener

And clearly knew her stuff

Through the CONI scheme she is able to open doors for us

That can make a huge difference to us once baby is here

Things I would have given anything to have with Bea

Including a passport to the children’s ward anytime we need it

In baby’s earliest months

Ordinarily the programme is offered for 6 months

But because Tilda died at 9 months

Our very lovely Health Visitor will stay with us longer

As long as we need

The scheme offers many things to bereaved parents


Regular home visits from their health visitor, so they can talk freely about any worries and seek advice

Borrowing movement monitors which pick up movements as the baby breathes, and will ring an alarm if movements stop for longer than 20 seconds

Training on basic life support so parents will know what to do if their baby stops breathing

A symptom diary to record their baby’s health, which they can then discuss with their health visitor

Use of the Baby Check booklet or App to help to decide when to get medical help for their baby

A chart to monitor their baby’s growth to detect changes that may mean baby should be checked by a doctor

Receive a room thermometer

Access guidance on bedding and clothing and safer sleep advice

Receive a ‘baby passport’ so that if the parents’ are worried that their baby is unwell, they can be seen quickly by the right person

When chatting yesterday

The Health Visitor very quickly realised I think

That I am up to speed on safe sleep

And quite obsessive about safety in general

With all our children

What I am looking forward to more than anything

Is her company

And having someone to talk to about

Having the courage to put our baby down to sleep

I am looking forward to the weight checks

And not having to go to clinics

So avoiding having to tell our story over and over again

It will be nice to have someone who knows us

And our history

And understands why we make the decisions that we do

Someone who is happy to offer advice or not

She was very clear that she is happy to be led by me

And as an older mum

With five children

I needed that

To feel supported

But not patronised

I would not want my parenting abilities to be doubted

Or over pressured to do things

That might be ‘by the book’ but that we do not feel ready to do

I love the CONI scheme

I really like our CONI Health Visitor

And I am so very grateful to The Lullaby Trust for both

lullaby trust future

It has inspired me to start planning and organising fundraising events again

And to continue working with companies who champion safer sleep

And sell products to facilitate this for all parents and their very precious babies

Here are some of the products we have in our home

Ready to use with our rainbow baby

Our Sprinkle of Stardust


We had a Snuzpod with Bea

But she did not sleep in at as much as perhaps she should

I found it too hard to put her down

This time I am hoping that I will have the confidence

To use the Snuzpod

For all night time sleeping

The bedside crib is a safer way to cosleep with baby

While ensuring she has her own clear sleeping space

The Snuzpod is height adjustable

And comes with straps that enable you to secure the crib to your bed

There is also a fabric flap that covers any small gap

Between the bed and the pod

This product has been designed with optimum safety in mind

The Snuzpod is British safety tested

And is the only bedside crib to pass to both BS EN 1130 & BS EN 1466

We plan to keep ours attached to our bed at all times

But the Snuzpod can also be used as a stand alone bassinet

The crib lifts off the stand

Both the crib and the stand can be rocked to soothe baby back to sleep

The Snuzpod comes with a firm foam mattress

That again has been designed with safer sleep in mind

I am so excited about setting up our Snuzpod for Sprinkle


We have chosen the Dove Grey design

And the Cloud Nine Bedding Set

Made with lightweight and breathable jersey cotton

To help control baby’s body temperature


Purflo Breathable Nest

Inside the Snuzpod

We may also use the Purflo Breathable Nest

This is a new product for us

But has come highly recommended

To help baby feel safe and secure while napping

In the early days

The PurFlo Breathable Nest is a multi-functional, air permeable and hypo-allergenic baby bed. Made from a combination of 100% soft cotton and an anti-bacterial 3D mesh you can safely put your little sleepyhead down to rest anywhere.

PurFlo is the market leader in breathable baby nests. Our materials have been specifically sourced for their air permeable and anti-bacterial properties. Conforming to UK Standard BS4578 the Purflo Nest’s bumper and mesh base are certified not to restrict your baby’s airflow in anyway giving you complete peace of mind.

We chose to use Amicor Pure filling in our bumper not only because it is naturally breathable but also because it is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and reduces the exposure to dust mites; all of which are known to aggravate infant allergies such as childhood Asthma or Eczema.

The Nest can be used as a crib insert, when co-sleeping, for tummy time, around the house: awake or resting as well as a portable travel bed when visiting family and friends.

All materials are fully air permeable, anti-bacterial and naturally flame retardant providing your newborn with an entirely non-toxic, chemical free, safe place to rest.

With hygiene in mind the PurFlo Nest features a removable and machine washable cover. Additional covers are available so you can have one on and one in the wash.

I will be able to tell you more about the Purflo nest

In my own words

And share how we use it

Once our baby is here

Shnuggle Dreami
Downstairs in our house is busy

Just recently all the walls have been knocked

Creating a wonderful family space

But it is busy

With Bea she often napped with me on the sofa

Or on the floor in a nest or pod

This time I want her sleeping space in family areas

To have height and walls

We have a beautiful bolshy toddler running around the place

And wonderful but sometimes over enthusiastic six year old twins

I want her sleeping space to be as safe as possible

In all regards

To facilitate this I am working as a brand ambassador for Shnuggle

And will be sharing our nap time journey with you

As our little one learns to dream in her Dreami


This will also be the sleep space that we take with us

To Granny’s

Or on holiday to Coombe Mill

The clever baby sleeper from Shnuggle

Appealed to me because of it’s breathability

The Dreami hypo allergenic base is ventilated

And made with breathable mesh fabrics to maximise airflow for baby

It is light enough to be moved around the house as needed

It is easy to clean

And it just looks nice

I also love the stand

That allows the crib to be up high and out of harms way

Or rocked by feet while baby is sleeping and we are trying to eat!

There is so much to love about the Dreami

About all Shnuggle products

I am incredibly proud, honoured

And more than a wee bit emotional

To be their first ever brand ambassador!


Newborn Pouch

When Bea was first born she slept in a newborn pouch

From The Little Green Sheep Company that does not seem to be available anymore


I have one still that we used with Bea

And I have also found the Red Castle Cocobag as an alternative

It is very pretty



We are also going to be trying out the Grosnug with Sprinkle

It is available in Light and Cosy weights

Made from supersoft jersey cotton with elastane for stretch

One size fits newborns 5lbs to 12lbs

The Grosnug allows natural leg position and is officially recognised as “Hip healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute

It has a double lined chest for secure swaddle comfort

Has highest quality construction: Baby safe YKK zips, zip and chin guards, nickel free poppers, and no rough edges or seams

Is machine Washable and can be tumble dried on low heat

And includes a FREE Nursery Thermometer and what to wear guide on the pack


When baby is ready for a sleeping bag

We will use quite a few Grobags that we have already

Those used by Esther, William, Tilda and Bea

But we will also get Sprinkle a couple of her own

One I have waiting here ready to be reviewed

It is this stunning Pocketful of Love Grobag

Cannot wait to see her in it!


You can read all about my Gro Company wish list for Sprinkle here

We have used Gro Eggs in all our rooms

Esther and William’s bedroom

Our room when Tilda and Beaslept there

And also our old playroom which could be very chilly on winter mornings

These eggs provide at a glance information to how hot or cold your baby’s room is

A simple easy to read room thermometer


Breathable Bedding
We have got our bedding for baby

From Snuz

And The Little Green Sheep

We have chosen breathable cotton bedding

That will help to regulate baby’s temperature

It is also very pretty

And 100% organic

Snuza Hero Monitor
For the first months of her life

Our baby like her big sister before her

Will wear a breathing monitor from Snuza

bea a hero

This monitor clips onto baby’s nappy

And alarms if no movement is detected

I will be sharing a full review of this monitor

Once baby is here

Lie Flat Car Seat
Travelling in the car terrifies me

With Bea we actually did not often go out in the car

Not in her earliest weeks and months

And not without David

Now though we are out and about most days

As a home educating family

I am hoping to transport baby in a Matrix car seat from Jane

Which will give us the flexibility of baby being able to travel

Sitting up for short distances

But lying flat for any longer journeys

Making it possible to keep getting out and about

With baby in a safer sleep position


Meemoobaby Meelight
One thing I like

Even now with Bea

Is to be able to see her all the time

I do not like walking into a pitch black room

We had a Grolight with Bea

But David would prefer us to have somethng this time

That is not directly above his head

And so we are trying the Meelight from Meemoobaby

And I cannot wait to tell you how we get on with it

Once baby is here

And here she soon will be

Three weeks and counting

Until all being well

Our Sprinkle of Stardust

Will be born

And our family

In heaven and on earth

Will be complete

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