Baby Shower Gift Ideas

I have never had a baby shower

Nor have I ever been to one

Even before Tilda died

They are just not for me

Rather like hen dos

They are not for me either

I am not a fan of novelty games

Or dressing up

And nowadays I cannot do baby talk

It is too upsetting since Tilda died

Even though I have had babies of my own

It is still really hard

I think I am also superstitious

And would worry about something happening to baby

After the event

But I can see why they appeal to others

I know that people enjoy them

Love celebrating their pregnancy and baby to come

Love being the centre of attention for a day

I do understand why they are becoming more popular

They just are not for me

I prefer a quieter affair

And for me any celebration I think

Would need to be once baby was safe in my arms

Though I know more than most

That is not a guarantee that they will stay

I think you can see that I would not be the best company

At a baby shower

But I think I could be a good gift giver

I love shopping for baby things

Here are some of the ideas I have seen recently online

That I think would make perfect gifts for a baby shower

For the arrival of a new baby

Or for a Christening celebration

Gifts for mummy and for baby

A Changing Bag

As a babywearing mummy

With three small children already

A back pack is a necessity

And so would make a great gift

I think for any busy mummy

Being able to carry stuff

And have your hands free is essential

And when changing bag rucksacks look this good

They are perfect presents

For any mummy


MeloBaby LOVE Backpack


The Pacapod Hastings

A Baby Bouncer

There are so many bouncers on the market these days

I love more neutral colours now than I used to

When the twins were babies

Everything was jungle bright

Now I love the Bliss from Baby Bjorn


And the amazing mulit level Uplift Bouncer from Skip Hop

Which is perfect for older mummies like me

Who do not getting on and off the floor as easy as they used to!

Also great for busy families with toddlers running round


Baby Gym

A great gift for all parents

Is the gift of time

Five minutes to pop to the loo

To drink a hot cup of tea

Baby Gyms provide a space for baby to play

And a window of time for parents to have their hands free

For wee and tea and even biscuits!

I love the Finn and Emma Gym Jungle


And the Skip Hop Camping Cub Tipi Gym

And I think that they could be used well together


Muslins and Blankets

Another gift all new parents crave

Is sleep

And beautiful sleep accessories

Can aid this

Here are some prefect presents

That can help baby sleep in style and comfort


Large cloud muslins from Mama Designs


Aden and Anais Twinkle Dream Blanket

Teething Toys and Soothers

There are so many lovely toys on the market

A toy that also soothes a baby to sleep

Or helps troublesome teething pains subside

Are valuable gifts to give



TillyBob Teething Bunny


Mama and Belle Star Necklace


Gertie the Goose


Practical Presents (that are stylish too)

Shnuggle Changing Mat


Shnuggle Pebbly Bath Thermometer


PoddlePod or ToddlePod


Cuddle Dry Apron Towel


Nanook Feeding Cushion


Over The Rainbow Go Everywhere Mat


Clothing Gift Sets

Lilly and Sid Vintage Stripes


Molly and Monty Starter Set


Milestone Cards

I think that these are the prettiest I have seen


Isn’t She Lovely?

So here are some of my ideas

For gifts for giving

What is the best baby gift

You have ever given or received?

3 thoughts on “Baby Shower Gift Ideas

  1. I never had a baby shower either. Once my daughter was born, we received some lovely gifts. I think my favourite was a big basket full of the kind of little bits and pieces that are often forgotten or you might run out of, like nappy cream, teething rings and breast pads. I was so grateful for it!
    We were also given a few baby sleeping bags and I found those very useful.

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