Fairy Charm Jewellery Making

Esther loves all things fairy

She also loves ponies

And stories

And magical things

When we were offered a Fairy Charm Jewellery Making Kit

I knew that she would love it

And she did

fairy charm jewellery

The set costs less than £10 on Amazon or through InterPlay

And I believe is great value for money

It would make a great present for a birthday party

It is also something to get out when you have friends for tea

beads and charms

The set is jam packed with beads and jewels and a selection of charms

The pinks and purples are especially girly

Though this set was enjoyed as much by my 8 year old nephew

As it was by Esther and her younger female cousin


Making jewellery like this allows children to be creative

To use their imaginations

It allows them to explore colour



You can use a kit like this just for fun

But also with a little thought

Hit lots of home learning objectives

learning through craft

Esther and her cousins were thinking about repeating patterns

They were predicting how many beads they might need to make a necklace

A bracelet

Jewellery making is also great for developing fine motor control

And a set like this is great for older children who struggle

The beads in this set are very small

And the threading requires concentration and patience

Even for grown ups

But the feelings of success and pride when you complete an accessory

Are worth the focus and the work

bracelet complete

The set provides enough beads, jewels, charms and cord

To make ten different pieces of jewellery


A pound a piece

Great value for money

Perfect presents for fairies and princesses

And a great kit to have tucked away for a rainy day

arm charm model

We were sent one kit in exchange for an honest review

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