My Insta Induction Birth Story: Day 3

After a long night of not much sleep

Knowing things were not progressing

I woke and sobbed

And I could not control the crying

I was so tired

I was missing my children

I had no clue what was going on

The lack of communication

And the feeling of loneliness is immense

At this hospital you are very much a number on a list

You do not know what number you are

You just know that you are one of many waiting

All in a similar situation to yourself

All hoping to be next to meet their baby

The hospital is over filled

And under staffed

The worst possible combination

And no one seems to agree with what protocol is to be followed

No one seems to play by the same rules

And as an anxious mum to be

It is confusing, upsetting

And exhausting

I broke down trying to talk to the midwife today

Telling her I want to go home

To be with my children

I feel so disappointed and disheartened

And quite frankly on this day

Day 3

I had had enough!

We have escaped for an hour! Ssssh x #induction #inductionoflabour #birthstory #sprinkleofstardust #day3

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Much better view than our hospital room! My children raise me up #love #family #birthstory #day3 #babynumber5

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3 thoughts on “My Insta Induction Birth Story: Day 3

  1. Oh goodness, Jennie. I’m not on Instagram so have just caught up with your posts now and I honestly thought you’d have Sprinkle safely here. I can totally imagine the frustration at how the induction has been managed, the contradictions, the lack of medical staff, etc.
    I hope as I type this you’re now having some positive intervention and they’re going to get Sprinkle on her way. There was good reason for induction so I’m surprised they’ve let things dwindle as they have, but then I have no medical background and probably have no right to comment on that other as a mum and I know I’d be feeling the same way as you.
    Keep your chin up and keep focusing on the end goal – she will be worth it all.
    Hope the next post has a baby photo in it. xxx

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