My Insta Induction Birth Story: Day 4

Another day of confusion and contradiction

David slept much of the afternoon on my bed

Things were quite tense between us after so long in hospital

So long in one room with no idea as to how long we would be there

With nothing happening to bring us any closer to having our baby

I spent much of the afternoon bouncing on my ball

And sobbing

I should have given up and slept

Given where we were by the end of this day

Today i am 39+5 and it is our 4th day in hospital waiting for a bed on delivery suite to have waters broken. I am feeling calmer today having spent the afternoon with our children yesterday. I miss them so much x loving this @welovefrugi top for hospital wear. Seriously regret not buying the yoga pants too! Last night we were top of the list to be moved to labour ward but today we seem to be slipping down the list again which is very frustrating. Lots of angry ladies on the ward and heated conversations overheard. Think we will need to think about david going home soon and me staying alone til something concrete happens x for a busy ward it is oh so quiet! #babynumber5 #inductionoflabour #birthstory #39weekspregnant #pregnant

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Utterly utterly broken #pregnant #39weekspregnant #birthstory #inductionoflabour #babynumber5

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