What is in a Name: Edith Mabel (Edie Mae)

And so our fifth and final baby is here

Our beautiful fourth daughter

Our second rainbow baby

A fourth daughter

Who has four names

Her registered name will be Edith Mabel

We will mostly call her Edith

Or Edie Mae

edith mabel

Until we met her

We thought she would be Edith May

Or Edith Mae

But we could not decide how to spell the middle name

When she was born we talked about it

Then as I was cuddling her

I said, ‘You are small enough to be a Mabel’

Which is when David surprised me

By saying that she could be Edith Mabel

Taking away any tricky decisions about spelling

And though she is definitely Edith

I find myself calling her Edie Mae

And online she is Edie Mae

So, where did her name come from?

Our Edith Mabel

Our Edie Mae

Edith (Edie)
We all like the name Edith in our family

It is actually a strong family name

As David’s maternal grandmother and great-grandmother

Were both called Edith

I love the shortened version of Edie

Edith means Prosperous in War

So has links to William and Matilda

Which both mean Mighty in Battle


I love the name Mabel

It is so cute and pretty

I adore the meaning

Lovable, beautiful

Seems perfect for a youngest daughter

For our last born child


Edie will carry this middle name forward


In honour of her big sister in the sky

Our Baby Tilda

Matilda Mae

We liked Mae for Tilda because it is a pet form of Mary, which is David’s mother’s name.

I also love the meaning

‘Star of the Sea’

David and I both love the sea

And Esther’s name means star

Mae is of Hebrew origin

I am glad that the name will come forward with us

And Edie Mae

Our little Edith Mabel

Our beautiful Sprinkle of Stardust

Really truly suits her name

Her names

All of them

edith mabel


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