New Mama Needs: Products for First Two Weeks Post Partum

We are approaching two weeks of life with Edie Mae

Two weeks of family time has flown by

I would give anything for two weeks more

Before David returns to work

I do not feel physically, mentally or emotionally ready

To be home alone

I am sure come Monday it will be fine

It has to be

But these two precious weeks have gone too fast

I wanted to share some of the products I have been using

That have helped me through

Added to this list is also chocolate and cans of coke with ice

And lots of cups of tea!

Maternity Pads
I use pads from Sainsburys

They are cheap

They are thick and absorbent

Perfect for heavy blood and lochia loss

In the earliest days post partum

They are also good for soaking with Spritz for Bits

From My Expert Midwife

To soothe and heal any bruising, grazes and tears

Breast Pads
I have been using Tommee Tippee breast pads for years

I am very lucky in that my body seems to make milk easily

Unlucky in that my breasts often leak

Especially at night

Having a good breast pad is essential

And changing them regularly is important

To prevent any discomfort or infection

With Edie I have also been using Boots breast pads

These seem to work just as well as the others

And are slightly cheaper to buy

Bravado Bras
I adore my Bravado Bras

I have a small collection

Though they are all old now

They still do what I need them to do

Which is to support my postpartum

Breastfeeding breasts

In a comfortable way

I mostly wear the seamless bra from Bravado

Which offers exceptional comfort and support

Comes in a range of colours

Looks pretty

And is soft enough to sleep in

Essential One Sleep Bras
With Edie I tend to sleep in

Sleep bras from The Essential One

I wore size small through my pregnancy

And am now wearing a medium

My breasts have been sore since my milk came in

And will continue to be so until Edie and I

Find our feeding rhythm

Once we are in step

I will probably wear the smaller bras again

This white bra is an absolute steal

Currently just £4.99 online essential white bra

The black bra has a lace or non lace trim option

I love both

I find them to be super soft

Super comfortable

And they give me the gentle support I need

While offering super easy access for night time feeds

An essential for breastfeeding mums

Comfortable Lounge Wear
For lounge wear

You can read nightdresses and pyjamas

Most days I am wearing those

I have a whole range of nighties and PJs

From The Essential One

essen1 pjs

And two very special nightdresses from Shnuggle


The Rome and Berlin from Shnuggle

Are a very on trend grey colour

They can be worn throughout pregnancy and beyond

They have discreet, easy feeding access

They are incredibly comfortable to wear

And they look good so can be worn day and night

I would happily welcome guests to our house in mine

The fabric is soft and breathable

Both nightdresses, I think, are stunning

shnuggle berlin

Spritz For Bits
After birth you are filled with adrenalin

Caught on a high

In a bubble of love

But when the bubble bursts

As it inevitably doesp

You realise how much physical pain you are in

Spritz for Bits can be used as soon as you need

You can spray it directly onto your post birth sore areas

Using the multi directional spray bottle

Or spritz some onto a pad

And place as a compress

Both methods help to ease aches and pains

From grazes, tears, cuts

And haemorrhoids too

No Harm Nipple Balm
It can take time for your nipples to toughen up

For the job of breastfeeding

The first days of newborn feeding

Can leave you sore

And even lead to crack nipples

No Harm Nipple Balm

Can safely be used as prevention, protection and cure

And can be left on even when baby is feeding

The product is tasteless

And all the ingredients are edible

This is a product to carry around with you in your changing bag

I have it on good authority

That it makes a good lip gloss too!

Weleda Calendula Bodywash
I had this Calendula shampoo and bodywash in my hospital bag

When I am feeding baby

And having lots of skin to skin

I like the products that I use

To be natural

And without a strong scent

This bodywash from Weleda is perfect

And safe for use on all the family

In hospital I used this for my hair too

And I am looking forward to trying it on Edie

As she has very dry and scaly feet

Kit and Kin Body Wash
In my showers these past two weeks

I have also been using a body wash from Kit and Kin

Infused with naturally nourishing plant extracts such as mango and strawberry

This lovely stuff was sent to be used with the children

And I do use it especially on Bea

It is kind to skin

Made without any harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances

And can be used to wash hair too

Fun #toddler #bathtime with @kitandkinuk #bestforbaby #skincare #bubblebath #sensitiveskin #babybath

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Love Boo Body Smoother
After the shower

My skin can feel quite dry

Especially on my shrinking bump

I have been using a lovely body lotion

From Love Boo

Love Boo Body Smoother

This luxurious all-over body butter

Is thick and creamy

Yet sinks right into the skin

Non-greasy it contains a super-nourishing blend of

Hibiscus, centella and shea butter that increases elasticity

Boosts moisture and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite

It has a subtle scent that reminds me of talcum powder

And has become a regular part of my self care routine

I need to buy a bigger tub!


These are some of the products that have helped me postpartum

What would be on your list?

Contains some products that were sent for review

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