Safer Sleep on the Move with Jane Matrix Light 2

Over the coming weeks, months and years

I am going to be sharing with you

Our #JaneMoments

Like the ones in the video below

We are working with Jane Prams

As brand ambassadors

To promote the world’s safest, healthiest, convertible all-in-one carrycot and car seat

We are so excited to be using the Jane Matrix Light 2 with Edie Mae

Our second rainbow baby

After losing Matilda Mae to SIDS

We are proud to be working with a brand

So passionate about baby safety and in developing products

That facilitate safer sleep on the the move

Edie is almost three weeks old now

The days have gone so fast

It is only now that I am finding time to start telling you

About this fantastic car seat and the Trider chassis that we have

Enabling the Matrix to be used in the car

And out and about on our family adventures

The Matrix Light 2 converts from a rear facing infant car seat

Into a carrycot that also suitable for overnight sleeping

When used with a safety mattress

In the car the Matrix can be rear facing in a sitting up position

Or with a twist of the optional ISOFIX base

The Matrix Light 2 becomes the first carrycot

Or lie flat car seat in the world with ISOFIX

The Jane Matrix Light 2

Is currently the only car seat on the market

With no time limits for travel

Due to its lie-flat position

The Matrix Light 2

Is thought to be the healthiest car seat for newborns on the market

So far we are incredibly pleased with it

Being a more spacious infant car seat

The Matrix allows baby to travel in the safer rearward facing position for longer

Up to 18 months old or 13kg in weight

The ISOFIX base makes it super simple to put the car seat into the car

And the Jane Pro-Fix system (patented) makes it just as easy to connect with the Trider chassis

The Pro-Fix locks and unlocks car seats with just one movement

Eliminating the need for adaptors

For me the attraction of the Matrix

Is the benefits to babies’ health

And the ability to enable safer sleep on the move

A travel system such as the award-winning MATRIX LIGHT 2

Which can be used as a lie-flat or sitting up infant car seat in the car

And on a pram chassis

Helps new-born respiration

Nurtures the abdomen and

Aids spinal development

Facilitating safer sleep on the go

You can read more about the Jane Matrix Light 2 on their website

Just follow the link below

I would like to tell you a little more about what I like

About the Jane Matrix Light 2

The ability to travel in the lie flat position
There are a few lie flat car seats on the market

They are large and heavy

And they do not come with an ISOFIX base

The Matrix Light 2 is in a league of it’s own

isofix base

The base and seat take up two seats in the middle row of our VW Touran

Leaving plenty of room for Bea to sit beside Edie

The seat position puts baby’s head in the centre of the car

When lying flat which I believe is much safer in a crash

Than if their head were near the door

matrix light 2

We place Edie into her seat in the house

And walk to the car on our drive

She is usually asleep by the time we are all in the car

And has stayed asleep through family outings so far

Unless I purposefully rouse her for a feed

I love that we can travel and adventure

During nap time

Without Edie losing out on precious sleep

sleeping beauty

The Matrix Light 2

Has been designed with safety in mind

It has been made to allow longer travel times

In a healthier lie flat position

It has also been created for the purpose of overnight sleeping

And so has good ventilation in the base


The ventilation system

And use of breathable materials

Makes a safer sleep environment for babies

On the move and for longer periods of time

This dual purpose product

Is both car seat and carry cot

Which I think makes it’s higher price tag

Good value for money

The ease of ISOFIX and Pro-Fix
Easy is a word I associate with Jane

Their products make our life as large family easy


connect to isofix

One way they do this is that the Matrix seat is so easy to fit onto the ISOFIX base

And easier still to pop onto the pushchair chassis

Using the Jane Pro-Fix system

You can literally just click and go


A definite plus point of this system for me

As I do not have time to fuss and fiddle adaptors

With four young children in tow

Comfort and safety combined
The Matrix Light 2 from Jane

Seems to be a very comfortable place for Edie to sleep

Her head rests in a supportive cushioned nest

The straps can be easily adapted to ensure a comfortable and secure fit

halo cushion

Edie sleeps soundly in the car and while we are walking around

safe and secure

Striking Design

When combined with the Jane Trider chassis

The Matrix Light 2 makes a stunning looking pram

matrix trider

I am head over heels in love with it

And we get lots of admiring glances

When out and about

I love the mix of fabrics

The depth of the hood

The pattern on the inside of the cover

plush and pattern

Lots of attention to detail

Make this product practical to use

And striking to look at


We have the Matrix and Trider in Soil

But there are lots of different

Equally lovely colourways

To choose from

In Da Hood!
I love the deep hood

That protects baby from the elements

Has been very welcome

These past few super sunny days


Easy to push
Secured on to the Trider chassis

Which I will tell you more about in a separate review

The Matrix becomes an all terrain pram

That is incredibly easy to push

Even when you are 7!

push it

Easy to carry
The car seat itself is easy to carry

It is heavy

And will of course become heavier to handle

With Edie in it as she grows

The handle enables you to get a good grip for carrying

And it is easy to hold on to either side of the base

To connect to the base or chassis

not too hard to handle

There is so much to like about this buggy

With two small negatives

That are easily justified

The Matrix is heavy

But it is exceptional quality

And it’s size allows longevity of use

Which also makes the high price tag

Better value for money

I am incredibly proud to be a Jane brand ambassador

And I look forward to sharing with you

Our journey with the Matrix Light 2

And the Jane Trider

Our #janemoments

Our family adventures

Edie Mae is one very lucky little lady


We were sent the Matrix Light 2 and the Jane Trider for the purpose of writing a series of reviews

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