EZ Fort from Prezzy Box: A Review

Back in April

We were send an EZ Fort: Fairy Tale Castle Construction Set

To test and review

My children love making dens

It is something they often do with Daddy

I thought that this kit would help them

To become more independent den makers

Help me be more involved

(I am not a natural creator of dens!)

The suggested age is 3+

So I had hoped that Bea could help with the construction too

2017-04-02 09.46.07

When the kit arrived

We were very excited to investigate the parts

And start putting pieces together

2017-04-02 09.45.06

The poles and balls should be simple to click together

But we found them to be very stiff

Perhaps because the set was new?

2017-04-02 10.05.35

All the children wanted to have a go

To click and build

2017-04-02 10.08.08-1

But with all their strength and concentration

It was still too hard

For our 6 year olds and 2.5 year old

They were unable to make the connections independently

2017-04-02 10.17.07 HDR

Daddy stepped in and helped to build a castle

For his princesses and their loyal knight

He was quickly able to construct the fort

To the children’s delight

2017-04-02 10.15.57 HDR

With walls and a roof

It was a good den skeleton

2017-04-02 10.19.57 HDR

The covering was more than a little scant

The pink fabric is just not big enough

To cover the poles to make a fairy tale den

This was quite a disappointment

To the waiting fairy tale characters

2017-04-02 10.23.14 HDR

The EZ Fort Fairy Tale Castle is available from Prezzybox

It costs £39.99

Though as I write this it is reduced to just


I think that this kit is fun for a rainy day

I think that it is a good family activity

I think that the kit can provide the start of a good den

But to be a great den it needs to be added to

Perhaps that is one of its strengths?

It provides a starting point

From which your imagination can take you anywhere

From which a child’s imagination can take them anywhere

2017-04-02 10.23.05 HDR

This EZ Fort set would be a lovely gift for budding castle creators

The perfect present for children aged 5+

Who believe in once upon a time

And want to set the scene for their own happy ending

As a family project

The EZ Fort has made my tribe very happy indeed

We think it could be the start of a new chapter

In your own fairy story

Let the adventure begin!

2017-04-02 10.10.39-1

We were sent the EZ Fort Fairy Tale Castle for the purpose of an honest review

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