Baby Number 5

I have never had just one baby

I have always had to juggle two

Now that we are on to baby five

I am a plate spinner extraordinaire

Poor baby number 5

Though totally adored

Is not always handled in quite the same way

As a first baby

Or even a second

And as a mother of five

You do things without thinking

That would never have happened with

Baby number one

Here are some facts about parenting baby 5

2017-05-27 12.28.41

Instead of a beautifully designed and crafted nursery

They will have a change mat and a play mat in a corner of the lounge

2017-05-23 19.19.04-1

Instead of drawers of washed and organised clothing

Their clothes will be stored in boxes and cloth bags

In their little corner of the lounge

2017-05-27 11.49.34

The beautiful crib you have for them

Will still be sitting in it’s box

Unmade, undressed, waiting to be used

2017-05-22 09.46.45-2

Without realising you will

Open the door to the postman whilst breastfeeding the baby

Open the door to someone unsuspecting after feeding the baby with your breast still hanging out

Open the door in your underwear after milk has leaked all over your clothes

Open the door in your underwear after baby has vomited or urinated all over your clothes

Sign for a parcel with one hand while feeding the baby

Take in the food shop while still feeding

Without thinking you will

Make and serve lunch for family and friends while breastfeeding

Go to the loo while feeding the baby

Lie baby down on the kitchen counter while you complete a small task that requires two hands

You will become a master

At doing anything and everything

While feeding or holding your baby

But with the craziness

The chaos

There is also serenity

There is calm

As this tiny little being

Latches on to your nipple

Grasps on to your finger

And grabs hold of your heart

2017-05-16 14.17.00-1

Nothing else

Apart from family and love


Nothing else matters anymore

2017-05-20 21.43.06-1

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2 thoughts on “Baby Number 5

  1. A gorgeous post Jennie and you’re right, nothing else matters. I used to do everything with Lia in a ring sling when she was a baby. It made it so much easier having my hands free.

  2. Such a true post but so beautiful too. There’s nothing quite like the magic of a newborn.
    Esther’s expression in the photo of her gazing at her littlest sister is just so special.
    Family and love are everything. x

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