What Edie Wore: Matilda’s Wardrobe

On Thursday 15th June 2017

Edie Mae was officially registered

Using her full name

Edith Mabel

I was determined to make the occasion special

And dress Edie Mae in something nice

When we registered Bea

I dressed her in a specially chosen outfit

Which ended up in the bin

In the library changing area

(The disabled loo)

When she pooed all over and through it

Baby Bea

Baby Bea

Edie managed to make it through

Her rather lengthy appointment

Without any such incident

And I did manage to get a couple of shots

Of the beautiful dress she wore

Given to us by a friend

From Matilda’s Wardrobe

2017-06-04 17.11.37-2

This beautiful cotton dress

Is bursting with colour

I love the print

And the choice of hues

2017-06-15 17.03.21-2

It is a bit big for Edie at the moment

And I am looking forward to her wearing it again

In Autumn

With cardigan and tights

2017-06-15 17.03.11-1

It is not only a pretty dress


With cute cap sleeves

2017-06-15 17.02.48

It is also a way

Of remembering Tilda

Our Matilda

Edie’s middle name sake

Matilda Mae

It is a way of remembering

Our angel baby

When she wears it

2017-06-15 17.03.43

It was perfect for her naming day

Registration Day

In memory of who she was named after

2017-06-15 17.02.59

Matilda Mae

Matilda Mae

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