Movie Money Dreams

I am not a huge watcher of films

I never have been really

I like some Christmas movies

And I hold some 80s classics

Close to my heart

Stand By Me


The Lost Boys

Top Gun



The Neverending Story

The Goonies

Space Camp

Flight of the Navigator

Adventures in Babysitting

Mystic Pizza

Back to the Future

The list goes on and on

Recently if I had to be a movie character

Who would I be

As a teacher

I love the film

Dead Poets’ Society

I also love Robin Williams in

Good Will Hunting

I have always wanted to inspire young people

To work with young people

And help them make their way in the world

Help them realise their dreams

I would also love to live in a period drama

I would love to be Cecilia in Atonement

For THAT green dress if nothing else

that green dress

Cecilia is in love with her childhood play mate

She loses her chance to be with him

When he is falsely accused of raping her cousin

And sent to prison

Cecilia’s love never fades

There is no one else for her

She leaves her family

And all the wealth and privilege that comes with them

She becomes a nurse during the war

And is killed without ever having her love

She is a strong character

She enjoys the fine life

But gives it all up for love

And to serve others

She is beautiful inside and out

But a little naughty too

I like her a lot

And there are things from her family home I would love

Her clothes

atonement clothes

The library


And the wild swimming pool!

wild swimming

Chill Money ( have made an infographic

About some of their favourite films

And the costs involved

In living life in the style of those movies

A Great Gatsby gathering?

A day in the life of James Bond?

Travelling through time with Marty McFly

I LOVE Back To The Future!!

Chill Money Infographic 2017 (2)

Which movie character would you like to be?

And what from the film would you buy?

This is a collaborative post

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