What Mama Wore: 8 Weeks Postpartum

Today Edie Mae is 8 weeks old

As an older mum (soon to be 41!)

With her brand new fifth baby

I was never expecting to shrink back

To my pre pregnancy shape and size with any speed

But a few times in the last 8 weeks

I have looked at myself

And been surprised about how round I still am in the middle

And I don’t really think at this stage

I can expect to be much different

But what I do think I can change

Is the way that I dress this new

Hopefully temporary

Shape that I have

This weekend

For the first time since Edie was born

I think I got it right

I felt happy and confident

With the skin I am in

Albeit covered with a bold print

Off the shoulder sun dress from Asos

asos palm print

I love the rich blue colour of this dress

The stark white contrast

And the striking palm print

This dress screams summer

I love the length

And though the dress is shapeless

It accentuates parts of me I like



Little wrists

2017-07-03 14.58.17-2

I feel confident in this dress

I feel attractive

Even sexy

Or would do if I had time to apply a little make up

Do my hair

And dare to wear some dressy shoes!

2017-07-02 12.10.36

The dress can be worn on or off the shoulder

And today I tried it with blue leggings

And mustard yellow flat shoes

Which I think worked

2017-07-03 15.01.25-2

I love these shoes from Livie and Luca

They have lasted well for several years now

And as well as being super comfy

They are such a cheerful colour

2017-07-02 15.23.29-2

This sun dress is super easy to feed in

And I have an amazing strapless nursing bra

From Bras 4 Mums

Which at just over £10 is a total bargain

In fact, I bought two!

2017-07-03 14.58.15-1

Finding this dress has been such a positive thing for me

And has made me really want to start thinking a bit more

About how I look

As it has had such a huge impact on how I think and feel

And hearing my eldest daughter sound surprised

When telling me I look pretty

Made me realise perhaps it is time

To make more of an effort

So thank you for the inspiration

At #whatmamaworemonday

I will be back!

In the meantime I am going shopping

For ALL the off the shoulder dresses I can find!

2017-07-03 14.58.23-1

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