Love The Sales: Postpartum Wish List

As a post 40 mummy

With four small children

Shopping is no longer something I enjoy

It is an absolute mission

To get all 4 children happily into town

And shopping is just not a good idea

Especially at busy times

Such as weekends

And during seasonal sales

But the only time I cab actually afford to shop

Is during those sales

And so I am now making use of

This is a fabulous website

It is like a virtual high street

Only better

From the comfort of your own home

You can browse the sales with ease

You enter the details of what you need

And the website will do the rest

You can specify size, colour and style

Budget and brand

You can search key words

Or select from a tick box menu

Is super simple to use

And links to a wide variety

Of high street and designer brands

Surely for busy mummies

This is the ONLY way to shop

If I was a drinker

I would definitely have a large glass of something in my hand!

I have been busy rummaging through the virtual sales rails

On the hunt for postpartum pretties

To hide my lumps and bumps

And boost my body confidence this summer

Here is what I found

My Postpartum Wish List

(All clothes have been chosen with breastfeeding in mind)

First I searched for White Stuff

One of my favourite brands

I found this gorgeous off the shoulder tunic

Perfect for breastfeeding

lts white stuff effie bardot tunic

And these dungarees

Just because I love them

lts white stuff madison dungarees

Next I searched for wrap dresses

And came up with these two that I really like

lts very vera moda wap dress

lts boden wrap dress

Very different in styles

And one from a brand I have never worn before

I searched for off the shoulder sundresses

After my first What Mama Wore post

And fell in love with this gorgeous ASOS Aztec dress

lts asos aztec sundress

Knowing that shirt dresses are feeding friendly

I searched and found these

lts people tree shirt dress

lts boden shirt dress

Then just for fun

I searched the site using my children’s names

And came up with the prettiest top from Boden

Called Edie

lts boden edie top

So this is my postpartum wish list

To see me and my post baby body

Through summer

What would be in your wish list this summer?

This is a collaborative post

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