Injection Day

Edie is now 9 weeks and 1 day old

Today she had two appointments

A hip scan

To check a clicky hip

That was identified at her 6 week check

And the dreaded first baby jabs

The Hip Scan

The hip scan was not as awful as I thought it might have been

In fact Edie seemed to quite enjoy the process

The sonographer laid Edie on her side

In a foam support

David held her and they were chatting away

As I stared at the screen

I had no idea what I was seeing

But felt the need to look regardless

A right clicky hip the doctor had said

The sonographer checked both sides

The right hip was actually fine

No signs of clicks

Or hip dysplasia or DDH

Developmental Displaysia of the Hip

But Edie has now been formally diagnosed

With an immature left hip

The angle measurement for the hip needs to be 60 degrees or more

Edie’s is currently only 57

It may improve on it’s own with time

But it may well not

We have to go back for a second scan in two weeks

If there is no change

Then we will be referred to a paediatrician

For treatment

Poor little Edie

Hoping that things will change on their own

Before any intervention is needed

Edie Pedie

The Baby Jabs

Today was also vaccination day

Babies have their first immunisations

At around 8 weeks

There is an oral vaccine

A live vaccine for Rota Virus

I had to give this to Edie

It is a sticky clear substance in a small syringe

You give it to baby orally

Aiming to squirt tiny bits into the pouch of the cheek

I was told to wash my hands well if any of the vaccine got on my hands

Because it is live the virus can be passed on from the liquid

And from Edie

Especially from her dirty nappies

We have been told to be extra careful with hand washing for two weeks

The Rota Virus vaccine can make babies poorly with diarrhoea and sickness

So we have to watch out for that

Because the vaccine gives a reduced strain of the virus

Any symptoms should be milder

Edie actually seemed to like the taste from the syringe

And swallowed it all happily

Next as the Meningitis B injection

This went into the left leg

Oh my goodness Edie howled

She really did cry

A cry I had not heard from her before

A real scream of pain

It was horrible

I cried

The nurse cried

It was just horrible

And then we had to turn her round

For two more needles

In her tiny little left leg

I felt like the worst mother in the world

As Edie wailed and wailed

And wailed!

She would not feed

She was so distressed

I tried to calm her

But nothing worked

It was awful

I decided to just get to the car

And get home

She fell asleep on the short drive home

But had to be woken once there to be given Calpol

In hindsight I should have given pain relief

Fever prevention

Before the needles went in

No one seemed to be able to tell me conclusively

What would be the best thing to do

But for the next Men B immunisation at 16 weeks

I will give the Calpol first

Edie has been a liitle more agitated than normal this evening

But she is sleeping now

She has fed

And is so far showing no signs of fever

What a day!

If you have a little one with immunisations due

You can read more about them here

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