Postpartum Picks for Summer

I seem to be spending an awful lot of time

Window shopping at the moment

Trying to dress my new post baby body

I am struggling to find a sense of style

I feel like I would like a style

Something that reflects my life as a mummy

And that suits my new shape

I currently weigh around 10 stone 4 pounds

At 9 weeks post postpartum I am about a stone heavier

Than I was pre pregnancy

I know my body though

And know that I will most likely carry this weight

Until Edie is around 6 months

And starts to wean on to solid food

Then I will be feeding less

I will be more active

And I will eat less

But summer is just beginning

And I would like to feel confident in my own skin

Through the warmer months

So I am browsing online shops

To find some clothes that might suit my new shape

And form the beginning of my new

Post 40, post baby, mummy style

Here are some of my ideas

I would love to know what you think

From David Nieper

dn palazzo

dn palazzo trousers

I love that the waist on these trousers are elasticated but also completely flat for a more flattering silhouette

From Fat Face

fat face stella cami

fat face denim shorts

I love this top and think with my strapless nursing bra from Bars4Mums I could make this work

And I know that I have fairly slim legs and so I might suit these shorts?

If I can find some that fit over my bumpy tummy

I am generally a size 10 but in things that do up over my tummy

I think I could be as big as a size 16, even 18?

From Seasalt

ss wrap top

I love the print of this wrap top

I think I could feed Edie easily and discreetly

It could be worn alone or with leggings

And it is currently in the sale!

From Mint Velvet

mv embroidered blouse

This is a very pretty brouse

With a stretchy neckline

Rather like a Bardot style

Meaning I could pull it up or down for nursing

From hush

hush chambray dress

hush macy top

hush stardust knit

hush vintage rose pjs

I think this is my new favourite shop

And there are some real bargains in the summer sale

Including my picks above

Pretty blouses

Star prints

Dresses with flattering shapes and breastfeeding access

AND pretty vintage rose pyjamas for £15!!

I am really enjoying my window shopping

And think I may have to make some purchases very soon

If you could buy just one of these items

Which one would you choose?

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