Self Care: 10 Things To Do Before I Am 41

It does not seem two minutes ago

That I was getting excited about turning 40

Now I am just over two months away from turning 41

me and michele

I have a list of self care things

I would like to do before the next year of my life begins

1: Get my haircut
My hair is a part of me that I really like

I have thick hair

Very thick

And it falls easily into place

Especially when it is cut well

I do not own a hairdryer

Or straighteners

And aside from shampoo and conditioner

I do not use any products

But it does need to be cut

And cut well

I need to choose a style!

What shall I do with my hair?

What shall I do with my hair?

2: Go to the dentist and hygienist
I have terrible teeth

Crooked and horrid to look at

I also have problems with my gums

Because my mouth is so overcrowded

I have not been to the dentist

For over a year

I really need a check up

And a lengthy scale and polish

As a home educating mummy

It is not always easy for me to get to the dentist

Without having some or all of my children in tow

Think I might have to download some educational apps for kids

On to an ipad and phone

And take the kiddiwinks with me

3: Go for a check up at The Mole Clinic
About two years ago

I went to have my skin screened

At The Mole Clinic

I have lots of moles

And spent a lot of time in the sun as a child

I need to go back to have a couple of moles checked

I need to make the time

Monitoring my moles is really important

And my mortality has been on my mind a lot lately

I need to make the time

And the money

And soon

4: Go to London for a The West Wing lunch with David

In Spitalfields Market


You can grab a Cheese Steak

An authentic Philly Cheese Steak

With Wiz

Just like they do on the campaign trail

In The West Wing

David and I love The West Wing

And I really want us to go to London

And have this lunch

We would have to take Edie with us

But it would be nice to leave the other children at home

Preferably with family

But if not we could try to

Find a babysitter with Sitters

To tick this one thing off of my list

5: Take the children to The Horniman Museum
We actually all want to go to The Horniman Museum

We want to see the Robot Zoo

This is top of our list of family excursions

And one that William especially

Is very excited about

6: Swim in the sea
Just this

Before September ends

I want to swim in the sea

I want to go to a sandy beach

Step from the warm sand

Into the salty sea

7: Buy some Saltwater Sandals
I have coveted these for so long

I would like a tan pair

Or yellow

I only own one comfortable pair of shoes

Mustard flats that I bought from Live and Luca

A good few years ago

Before my 40th year ends I would like a new pair of shoes

And Saltwater Sandals seem perfect for me

And I like the connection to my Star of the Sea

8: Create a trailer and some branding for my You Tube channel
I am starting to create content for my You Tube channel

I am most definitely a newbie

A work in progress

But I am LOVING making videos

Wish I had started a long time ago

My blog is 7 years old this month

I think You Tube has made me fall in love with blogging again too

Need to create a trailer that reflects how I want my channel to grow

Focusing on family fun and play

9: Camp in the garden
This is something that we hope to do soon

Pitch a tent in the garden

Sleep under canvas

Cook on an open fire

Toast marshmallows

Sing camp songs

Tell stories

And gaze up at the stars

10: Visit Tilda’s river at Coombe Mill
I am hoping that for my birthday this year

We will be at Coombe Mill

With Edie being born in May

We did not get there for Tilda’s birthday

And I cannot let 2017 pass

Without visiting our special

Matilda Mae place

ashes anniversary

I am hoping to persuade David to let us go for two weeks

David can work in the mornings

While we do the feed run and play on the farm

Then we can go out exploring in the afternoons

I love Coombe Mill

And I feel safe there

Safe and happy

And close to our baby in the sky


It would be a perfect way to end my 40th year

And begin my 41st

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