I Go On Vlogging

When I was a tween

I loved Brother Beyond

And their song

The Harder I Try

Though I always thought that the lyrics were

I Go On Jogging

I was wrong

You may have noticed that this past week

I have been quieter on my blog than usual

I have been trying my hand at vlogging

And have found myself rather addicted

I have A LOT to learn

But I just love talking to the camera

My plan is to vlog a lot more going forward

I want to share our home education adventures in a different way

I am also making a series of videos that will focus on

Baby Play – activities for babies from 0 – 12 months

Toddler and PreSchool Play – activities for children from 1 – 4

Learning Through Play – activities for children aged 5 plus

As a parent and a teacher I feel that teaching, learning and play

Are where my strengths lie

But I am also an experienced mummy of 5 babies now

I have breastfed five children

And I want to share my parenting tips and mum hacks

I also want to talk about Matilda Mae

Which will not be easy

But I am hoping that by me talking

It might help others to talk about babyloss too

So far I have created a mixed bag of vlogs

They are all a bit rough around the edges

But I like them and I am going to do all I can to improve

I need to think about my presentation of myself

A little make up perhaps?

I need to think about location

How I fill the screen

And camera angles

I need to improve my editing

I also need to create some branding for my channel

Including a trailer that reflects who I am and what I want to share

prezzo fussy eaters

I want to embed some videos below

I would love for you to watch them

Any or all

Leave some kind hearted feedback

And consider subscribing to my channel

To follow our journey

And see me improve

I think that my style is going to be

Direct to camera

Straight from the heart

I hope that you can support me

The harder I try

As I go on vlogging

Please do let me know what you think

And what you would like to see me talk about

Thank you x

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2 thoughts on “I Go On Vlogging

  1. You’re very natural and have enjoyed some of the vlogs….only 1 minor point, they are very long! Hope you take this constructively, I only have a small window when my youngest 2 are napping to watch vlogs so the ones I enjoy are never longer than 10 minutes! Good luck, look forward to seeing some more. X

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